21 December 2020

Lots of changes at Teddington Lock

The new railings along the towpath are the most visible changes being made at Teddington Lock but other things are happening too.

The section of the island nearest the weir has got new safety railings too. These are the same design as the other new ones but are grey, not black. They also have mesh inserts to stop small things, like children, falling through the gaps. 

Also on the island there is a well-worn route down to the beach that is uncovered every low tide. This is now easier to access, and more importantly get away from, thanks to a new set of steps.

The entrance to the lock has got a new gate too. The previous gate was the height of the railings and was not much of a deterrent. This one is still fairly easy to walk around but the message to keep away is more clear.

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