30 September 2009

New hard-standing

In the remotest reaches of Ham, where the Thames turns from North to East, a new hard-standing is being built by the river. It seems an odd place to build a mooring and an odder thing to build for any other reason.

23 September 2009

Bright Coral

By day the new Coral on Ham Parade fits in well with its older neighbours but at night it shines with an uncommon brightness that the picture does no justice to. The rest of the parade slumbers in gentle illumination but Coral shrieks its presence.

19 September 2009

Encroaching on Riverside Drive

Back in May I took a photograph of this section of Riverside Drive just as the land-grab started and now the extended walls and fences have won their battle against the open space that now lies wounded and close to death. It may recover its health but it will never regain the space it once had.

15 September 2009

Out in the open

As Summer splutters to an end and Autumn claims its turn there are still days when the verdant wilderness of Ham Lands can be enjoyed. Here we are looking almost directly at the (relatively) new development of Royal Park Gate but the trees have conspired to hide it and we can pretend that we really are in the middle of nowhere.

13 September 2009

Byway open, but who cares?

It is true that there is a road of sorts behind Ham Parade but it is so uneven and puddle strewn that it is inconceivable that anybody would want to use it as an alternative to the main road. It is also very unlikely that they would notice this very small sign informing of their right to do this. It all seems very pointless.

11 September 2009

No right of way

This now redundant but still charming sign has been preserved on the front wall of the Dysart Arms in Petersham.

8 September 2009

Straight path

If you look very carefully you can just see part of a block of flats on the edge of Royal Park protruding from the greenery that marks the start of Ham Lands.

6 September 2009

Ham artists

One of the new pictures at the Ham and Petersham Youth Club is, I presume, a self portrait of some of the artists.

3 September 2009

Hand and Flowers

The new Hand and Flower is getting a mixed reception as a pub (though I think everybody prefers it to the Legless Frog that it replaced) but there is no question about the effort that the new owners have put into improving the look of the place and the front of the pub is currently festooned with colourful flowers.

1 September 2009

Ham Greengrocer in Ashburnham Road

Ham Greengrocer is a welcome addition to the parade of shops on the corner of Ashburnham Road and Ham Street. The parade has several new shops and now looks vibrant and attractive again.