28 December 2011

Work finished on Ham Pond

Now that the grey metal fencing and orange plastic barriers have been removed it is possible to see what the work on Ham Pond was all about. Actually I am little the wiser.

Clearly something has been done to what I presume is in inlet pipe but I do not know what. They must have done more that just protect the outlet with bricks and sandbags.

22 December 2011

Christmas soldiers

These bright soldiers look as though they've escaped from the rats in the Nutcracker and have made their way to Dance Active on Ham Parade to protect the young girls inside from anything evil passing by.

They also remind us that it is the Christmas Season far more than the silly little trees that have been stuck above the shops do.

17 December 2011

Pink crosses

I presume that the pink crosses mark the trees for death which would be a great shame as there are quite a few pink crosses scattered around the little pond in Ham Common Woods by Ham Gate.

11 December 2011

Landmark tree

At times the 65 feels like a tour bus offering views of places that are hidden to those on the ground (such as the Petersham Elephants) or just different views of familiar places.

An example of this is the downwards view of the dignified tree at the confluence of Petersham Road and Sandy Lane. It is also a reminder that you are about to leave the cosy village of Ham for the disparate collection of houses that likes to call itself Petersham.

7 December 2011

Resting boats

Following the towpath as it curls around Ham offers a variety of views on both sides and, not surprisingly, these include boats gently moored on the Middlesex bank. Despite being man-made they fail to break the tranquillity and they give us a few more colours to enjoy. Rivers and boats go naturally together.

4 December 2011

Trampled underfoot

These leaves have chosen to lie down and die on the towpath where, instead of the slow peaceful end that they might have expected, they will be subject to the constant hammering of boots and tyres and will eventually be trammelled into the mud. They deserve better.

1 December 2011

Lowest tide

November has come and gone and with it the river's freedom to rise and fall as much as it likes but now Richmond Lock is back in action and it stops the river from falling too far.

So here is a final reminder of what the low tides looked like in November if you happened to walk down River Lane at the right time.