31 August 2009

Cutting more grass

The thing that I like least about Richmond Council's approach to managing Ham Lands is the over mowing that reduces the wild areas into little more than garden lawns. Here we see the machines at work desecrating the grass by the tow path in front of Burnell Avenue.

To make things even worse this work was being done on the Late Summer Bank Holiday and walkers, like myself, who were trying to make the most of the last of the Summer sun were subjected to noise, dust and pollen.

28 August 2009

Inviting path

The thing that I like the most about exploring Ham Lands is to head off along small paths like this uncertain in where it leads but certain in the knowledge that it will be fun getting there.

26 August 2009

The House

The House sits on the corner of Petersham Road and River Lane where it is protected by it's larger neighbour, Rutland Lodge.

24 August 2009

Art in progress

I am a great fan of the new street art at Ham and Petersham Youth Club just off Ham Village Green and this is one of the pictures that I took there just a few days when I first discovered it.

Going back just a couple of days later and it had changed!

The flower in the main picture has gained a bee and a butterfly now floats above it all. I will be making more visits to Ham Village Green in the near future to see what else changes.

23 August 2009

Dysart window

The Gothic pretence of The Dysart in Petersham is shown charmingly with this small window by the entrance.

22 August 2009

New Road cottages

A final look at New Road during the recent car-free day reveals these two cottages towards the Ham Common end of the road.

21 August 2009

Happily lost in Ham Lands

The way that I like to savour Ham Lands is to dive into it boldly without any clear idea of where I am going and then to just head towards the next place that looks interesting. This approach can take you in to fields, woods and places like this which are a little of both.

20 August 2009

Beware the dinosaur on Ham Village Green

The building that houses Ham and Petersham Youth Club, on the edge of Ham Village Green in Ham Close, was brutally ugly but has now been enlivened by some bright artwork. Here the wall gives way to reveal a dinosaur in lush vegetation waiting to pounce on anybody silly enough to walk by.

19 August 2009

Facelift for Backhaus

The two Backhaus shops in Ashburnham Road, the deli and bakery, are being refurbished while they are closed for their summer break. Obviously they are there for the large German community locally but their different range of goods makes them an interesting place to shop for everybody.

18 August 2009

Walking towards Teddington Lock

The upper of the two paths from North Kingston to Teddington Lock disappears into woods as it approaches the lock. From there you can still hear the water nymphs playing in the weir while looking for the pixies in the undergrowth.

17 August 2009

Oldfield Villas, New Road

With the cars briefly banished, New Road was able to show of its pretty cottages and gardens. The plaque explains that these two cottages are called Oldfield Villas and were build in 1897.

16 August 2009

Repairs needed at Montrose House

The wall at Montrose House has long looked worn and weak, almost certainly due to the influence of the former Sudbrook River that now flows beneath the road here, and now it looks as though repairs are on the way with two stretches of the wall now boarded up.

15 August 2009

New school gate

Just a couple of months ago I took a photo of the old gate to the Russell School in Petersham and now it has been replaced by one that is green, functional, regimented and somehow bland and unwelcoming. It looks more like a cage for animals than the entrance to a school.

14 August 2009


While there are lots of new photos of roads, walls and buildings to show you, I have not forgotten about the cygnets and it is time for an update on them. The seven are now down to six (a fox I guess) but that six are doing very well and can be seen in and around the pond eating, preening and lazing. The parents are less attentive than they were but are still usually in close attention.

13 August 2009

New Road exposed

New Road, just off Ham Common, would be one of the prettiest roads in the area if it were not full of parked cars blocking the view of the cottages. So it was a pleasant surprise to find the cars expelled from the road to allow the drains to be serviced. Sadly the cars will be back soon but not before I was able to capture a few pictures of the cottages in their rare moment of glory.

12 August 2009

New shop

Just a few months ago there were 3 empty shops on Ham Parade but now 2 are back in use and work has started on the last of them. I do not know what it is going to be yet but there will be a new photo once it is open.

11 August 2009

Open space in Ham Lands

For most of its course, the Thames tow path is bounded by trees that hide Ham Lands from the casual walker. Those with some curiosity can step through the trees to find natural open spaces and wild woods. It's like stepping into a Rupert story.