17 November 2019

YE18 CHC commits two crimes

Parking on the pavement and obstructing a crossing are both wrong and YE18 CHC manages to do both.

16 November 2019

19 Buckingham Road makes an effort

It is always a pleasure to highlight the nice things locally and the frontage of 19 Buckingham Road is one of them. Three window boxes and a couple of plant pots does not sound like much but when you put a little effort in and present them like this then people walking past, people like me, will pause to take a look.

15 November 2019

Update on Dickens Close

A lot of time has been spent on this project in Dickens Close and that has generated a lot of mess in the front garden but, from the outside, little seems to have changed. Playing spot the difference with an earlier photograph I can see that the garage (far left) has become a room, there are some T-bars on the wall next too it and the front porch has been cut back to cover just the front door.

14 November 2019

Playing at Russell School

One of the things that Russell School has gained as a result of consolidating into one new building in some seriously good play equipment.

The amount of space and the outdoor facilities were one of the things that attracted us to Russell School when we were looking for a school for our boys about twenty five years ago (!) and it is good to see that this part of the school's character has not changed.

The only shame is that the play equipment is behind the school fence and so is not generally available. We need more places like this.

13 November 2019

Richmond Chase approaches completion

Work at Richmond Chase is (finally) drawing to a close. These two houses are ticked in behind the main road as it curls round to the east in an "L" shape. They are not yet accessible but there was a gap in the fencing that I was able to take advantage of.

There are still many yellow "Richmond Chase" road signs around, some of which seem to be fairly new, and the number of "For Sale" signs within the development suggests that they are not flying off the shelves. There are also a fair number that are occupied or marked as "Sold" so I think Richmond Chase will eventually be a success (for the developers).

12 November 2019

Update on Craig Road

Another site that seems to be making good progress is the new houses going up where garages used to be. The house at the back was constructed first and the one at the front is rising quickly.

A few days later the work took a major step with the closure of Craig Road for a few days while work was done on the services to the site.

11 November 2019

Walking away from Ham House

I love to visit Ham House as much for the walking as for the gardens there and walking along the path across the front of the house, towards Ham Street, on this lovely autumnal day it is clear to see why. This is a beautiful scene made all the better by walking through it.

10 November 2019

Busy at Orford Place

Work is proceeding at pace at at Orford Place on both the new build and the refurbishment. The copious scaffolding on the main building is testament to that.