16 August 2022


The driver of LD14 HBB clearly made no attempt to park their van reasonably here, it is up on the pavement and also obstructing the dropped kerb.

White Picket Fence

I liked the low brick wall when it was constructed in 2021 but I am less keen on the white picket fence that has been added to it. This may have ebb under pressure from Richmond Council who wanted an unbroken fence across all the cottages even though there was not one there before, there is still a large gap at one end and the new section of fence looks quite different to the older fences either side. 

15 August 2022


I use this crossing to Ham Parade several times a day and if you obstruct it unnecessarily then I am going to take a photo of you doing so, especially if you are wearing a Richmond Council high-via jacket as the driver of LV08 KBK was.

The Cutfather

The Cutfather has been open for a couple of weeks and it has taken this long for me to take a decent picture of it, particularly one with no cars.

It is a fairly modest frontage, verging on bland even, which is welcome given some of its brasher neighbours. The window etching is a nice touch.

14 August 2022


I do not know why Kingston Council let the owner of a property in Wittering Close enclose a piece of open land on Horsely Drive and I have even less idea why they then dug a big pit there.

13 August 2022

Changing windows

I seem to have developed something of a window fetish and in evidence he is another post about them. This St Andrews Place on Upper Ham Road which is in the process of being extended and updated and part of this is the replacement of two windows at the front of the house.

I was expecting the new windows to look something like the old one next to the front door but they are decidedly different and a lot more modern looking. I actually quite like the new windows and the discord between them and the entrance area to the house can easily be addressed by modernising that too.

12 August 2022

Emergency throwbag

There always had been (and still are) some lifebuoy rings around Teddington Lock and these have been joined by an emergency throwbag which I guess is more useful as you can use it to pull the person in trouble to shore rather than just keeping them afloat in the middle of the river.

11 August 2022

Rear extension

Unexpectedly open gates and gaps in fences are the curious wanderer's friend as they reveal hidden things, such as this rear extension in Lock Road that can be seen from the footpath connecting to Mead Road.

10 August 2022

Clear path to nowhere

I wrote about this path a few years ago and I still do not know what is going on and as the situation has repeated itself I am repeating the story.

This path leads from the north-west corner of Mead Road and it branches from the other path that goes through to the Lock Road spur. This path does no go anywhere, other than to the back of a few properties in Mead Road, so there is absolutely no reason for it to be this pristine.

Following the path, as I was obviously tempted to do, gives a different view into the Thames Water Pumping Station where a large box with "Danger" written on it makes the exploration worthwhile.