29 June 2017

Aftermath of an accident

I have not seen any official statistics but it is my impression, living in the locality, that there have been fewer accidents in Ham Parade in recent years. It is a relatively dangerous area because of the major junction (Ham Cross) at the South end, the chicane and junction with Ham Common at the North end and the pedestrians crossing along the length of the parade so the reduction in accidents is welcome.

So it came of something of a surprise to heard about an accident on the Parade this week the aftermath of which can still be seen in the North-East corner, next to Parkleys.

22 June 2017

Interesting house in Cedar Heights

I have been spending more time tan usual in the Cedar Heights / Ashfield Close enclave recently as I have been watching a new house being built there and while that is depressingly dull it is surrounded by several houses that are interesting, such as number 6.

There are a couple of other houses there that I want to capture for this digital record but they will have to wait until I am lucky enough to catch them without cars parked outside. Nothing spoils the appearance of a house more than a car on the drive.

19 June 2017

Replacing trees at Cassel Hospital

I was concerned when the trees at the front of Cassel Hospital were removed recently so it was very pleasing to see them replaced not long afterwards. They are a little spindly at the moment but they are a good height and, if looked after (particularly during this dry Summer), then they should soon be flourishing.

16 June 2017

Hawkco on Ham Parade

The demise of the Village Supermarket has seen its sign partially removed to reveal some local history. Hawco is one of the many names that this shop has had in the past.

14 June 2017

Preparing the ground

I had to peek through a hole in one of the gates to take this picture and it was worth it. This is the site of what will soon be another Huf Haus, this time in Ham Farm Road and preparations are well underway for the superstructure that is due to arrive later this month.

12 June 2017

Refurbishment in Back Lane

This house in Back Lane was always distinctive because of the high wooden fence that obscured the ground floor. I thought that the fence was going when the house was substantially refurbished recently but it was replaced with an almost identical one and now it looks much the same as it always did only a lot cleaner and fresher.

9 June 2017

A new sign for The Hand and Flower

I was not sure whether the revamped Hand and Flower would retain its name or try something new as it did when it was the Legless Frog and now that question has been answered. A wooden plaque has appeared with a new logo and the old name.

7 June 2017

Vote Labour

Election time floods the area with signs extolling us to vote for a particular party or candidate and in some places, such as along Petersham Road, there is a visible battle for supremacy. That battle interests me little but I do enjoy the defiance and the colour of the few Labour posters that go up.

The one above can be seen in Ham Gate Avenue though the house that it belongs to is in Sudbrook Gardens.

Another prominent sign is in Lock Road where it is positioned to face up busy Craig Road.

5 June 2017

Major changes for The Hand and Flower

Time is very relative in this blog; I took this picture on 3 May, I am writing this post on 6 May and it will appear on 5 June, by which time The Hand and Flower will probably look very different and may well be called something else.

Apparently it is to become a Korean Restaurant and bar and is to be more upmarket. Obviously the Legless Frog tried something similar with little success but they put less effort (and money) into transforming the building which left them trying to convince us that the lean-to conservatory at the back was a cosy French restaurant.

I know little about Korean food but will give it a try, assuming there are some vegetarian options, and I'll certainly give the bar a try too.

3 June 2017

Sight screens on Ham Common

I was somewhat surprised when on one of my regular walks across Ham Common (23 April) I saw some construction work going on on the middle of the Common. I went back later to see what they had done and found this row of holes recovered with grass squares.

From their location is was obvious they they were there to provide support for sight screens. I always make sure not to move behind the bowler's arm but not everybody is aware of that rule.

A couple of weeks later, 6 May, I saw the sight screens in action. Also clearly visible was the new and very white boundary rope which I hope will encourage more people to respect cricket's role on the Common.

1 June 2017

Pretty new fence in Ham Farm Road

The far end of Ham Farm Road is a cul-de-sac and, despite that, I often venture down there out of curiosity. That curiosity was rewarded when one of the neat little houses there acquired this neat little fence.