31 August 2008

Road machine

This is one of the machines that has been busy resurfacing Sandy Lane.

30 August 2008

A close look at All Saints

The former All Saints Church in Bute Avenue is now a private residence but it retains all of its religious iconography.

26 August 2008

Slow progress on Douglas Footpath

The work to "improve" Douglas Footpath was meant to have been completed by 27 August (having started on 27 May) but so far the only progress that can be seen is a few holes where the bridge supports will be. This means that a scheme to improve usage of this footpath has actually kept it closed throughout the summer months!

25 August 2008

Resurfacing Sandy Lane

The whole length of Sandy Lane is being resurfaced which means that it is closed during the day and traffic is rerouted via Ham Street. This is the west end of Sandy Lane where the road narrows as it is crossed by Melancholy Walk and Great South Avenue.

24 August 2008

Moths Count

I was not able to get to the Moths Count at Ham House but it sounds like fun!

18 August 2008

X 5 WMM on the pavement

This section of pavement at the north end of Ham Parade is collecting more than its fair share of selfish drivers, despite the bollards put there to deter such stupid behaviour.

16 August 2008

Launch Lock

The improvement works at Teddington Lock have now finished and the smaller Launch Lock can now be seen in all its glory.

13 August 2008


Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts are hidden away in Ham Lands next to Petersham Lodge Woods where they have some summer visitors staying in these tents.

12 August 2008

Low Trees

This sign is to warn bus drivers that there are low trees ahead but, sadly, there are also low trees by the sign which obscure it.

11 August 2008


Now that the summer is here there are many more boats on the river and lots of them moor by Teddington Lock overnight.

10 August 2008

Growing cygnets

Just a few weeks ago the four cygnets on Ham Pond were small, fluffy and closely guarded by their parents now they are almost as big as them and are able to swim freely towards anything that looks as though it might have bread.

3 August 2008

P 661 RBX on the pavement

P 661 RBX ignores the posts and the pedestrian access to sit in the middle of the pavement.