30 September 2007

Another view of Ham Pond

It has been a little while since I posted a picture of Ham Pond and the reflection of the willow trees is sufficient excuse to post another.

Teepee on Ham Common

Mann gets a new sign, apparently

After having a temporary sign for a while, the new one is now in place but it looks just like the old one to me!

Ham Lands gets brutal treatment

The last time that I took a picture of this part of Ham Lands the grass was tall and the area looked wild and wonderful. I have no idea why Richmond Council is spending our money to do work to make the place less attractive.

25 September 2007

Mervyn Smith gets a makeover

Mervyn Smith estate agents has had a makeover. It used to look like this.

The Ham Pantry

The Ham Pantry delicatessen is one of my most visited shops, mostly for the mature organic cheddar cheese and the blistering hot salsa. A gem.


The foundations have now been laid for whatever is being built at 35 Ham Common.


These interesting looking ducks are some of the residents of the pond on Ham Common.

22 September 2007

Aerial view of Ham House

This aerial view of Ham House (from Google Earth) shows the grounds and surroundings clearly.

19 September 2007

A good location

This photograph shows the new flats (Morgans) on part of the Cassel Hospital site with the Ham Amenities Group garden in the foreground. Ham Common is just to the right of the picture, on the other side of the road, so the new flats are clearly in a good location. I am looking forward to the showroom being open.

A bad sign at the Legless Frog

There are several things that annoy me about this sign at the Legless Frog, e.g. the typos in "childrens" and "0208", but what annoys me the most is that it is put out in the middle of the narrow pavement every day for most of the day. This selfish behaviour suggests to me that the pub is not really interested in being part of the local community.

7 September 2007

Town houses at The Denes

The sales office for The Denes in Craig Road has moved into one of the flats which means that you can now get access to the site. This is the back of the town houses at the front of the site. They look more or less complete though there is much work going on elsewhere on the site.

Geese by Ham Pond

There were dozens of geese all around Ham Pond this evening.

2 September 2007

Beaufort House

Ham is littered with fine historical buildings. This one is Beaufort House in Ham Street, opposite the junction with Sandy Lane.

Cool garage doors

These rather arty doors are in Ham Street and give access to part of the Ham House estate.

Coach House at Ham House

The Coach House at Ham House is in Ham Street.

Another new building

This new house is on the corner of Church Road and Latchmere Close.

Flats in New Road

New Road, just off Ham Common, is mostly pretty cottages so I am not sure why anybody thought that it was a good idea to build this ugly block of flats there.

Demolition at 15 Ham Common

The large house in the background is Forbes House which seems to be surrounded by building works. The building with the graffiti on is Forbes Cottage. The pile of bricks in the foreground used to be a house!

Leaves are starting to fall

It's only August and already some of the trees on Ham Common are starting to lose their leaves.

Progress on the flats at Cassel Hospital

The new flats on the Cassel Hospital site are really starting to take shape.