30 November 2017


I remember seeing lots of cormorants by the weir at Teddington but not recently so it was good to see this one perching on one of the rocks exposed by November's low tide.

28 November 2017

Arched gate

This lovely arched gate lives on the junction of Vancouver Road and Maguire Drive. It is to be admired not just for its shape but also its colour.

26 November 2017

New gates at South Corner

This will probably be my last photograph of the rebuilding of South Corner now that the work seems to be completed. One of the last jobs was to instal the simple and very appropriate gates. The way that, when closed, the gates form a heart shape is a nice touch.

24 November 2017

Little used car

This car has been so little used that the hedge has been allowed to grow around it creating a striking combination of deep green and fiery red.

22 November 2017

Low tide at Teddington Lock

A few days ago I published a couple of pictures of the weir exposed by November's low tide and this time I am looking the other way, downstream to the lock.

The view of the island from the Teddington side of the footbridge shows an extended beach.

Moving on to Teddington Lock the water level in the barge lock was exceedingly low.

20 November 2017

Black and white house

I had had many fruitless walks down Cedar Heights, a no through road, before I was able to take this picture. Normally the view was ruined by a car outside and sometimes it was the light that spoiled the shot but this time there were no problems and my patience was rewarded.

I love the look of the house because there is a lot going on but the overall effect is consistent and not fussy.

18 November 2017

Low tide at the weir

I love the way the the Thames is allowed to rise and fall to its full extent every November as it looks very different when it is almost drained of water. Then a lot of the river bed is exposed and it looks possible to walk across in places like at the end of River Lane.

The Weir looks very different too with all the constructed parts exposed.

16 November 2017

The end of Empire Foods

Empire Foods, on the corner of Ham Common, looked reasonably busy most of the times that I walked past there over the Summer but now it has closed. The top end of the Parade has struggled to find visitors (two shops on the other side of the road are being replaced by houses) so it is possible that it will remain empty for a while.

14 November 2017

Now you see it, now you don't

The plot between Ham Library and the new Huf Haus in Ham Street is being redeveloped and that means clearing the site first. I took this picture on 29 October when most of the ground had been cleared but most of the house was still standing,

Then on 10 November the house had gone too. With nothing left on the site it is easier to appreciate just how big it is. There looks to be plenty of room for the two houses that I believe are coming.

13 November 2017

A feast of parakeets (or starlings)

I was walking across Ham Village Green when I was struck at how so many parakeets had clustered in one tree.

I took this photo without any zoom to show the tree in context and because I liked the sky behind them.

12 November 2017

Rebuilding a mid-terrace house

I knew that the rebuilding of this modest property in Upper Ham Road was going to be a big job but I did not expect it to be this big. The old house has gone completely, even the front wall that I presumed would be kept.

Peering through the letter box shows that none of the former house remains. It also shows that a basement is being carved out at the back.

I do not understand the economics of doing so much to such a small sight and I am looking forward to seeing what sort of building rises to fill the space.

Update: I have been told that this property, which is in a Conservation Area and is listed as a building of Townscape Merit, has been demolished without permission. I've had a look at the LBRuT website and all I can see is an application to convert the property, nothing about demolishing it. If it has been demolished without permission then somebody should go to jail for it.

11 November 2017

Mrs Leir Head Teacher

While the Russell School is being substantially remodelled there are temporary arrangements in place for staff parking.

10 November 2017

Makeover completed in New Road

After months of extensive work it looks as though this substantial makeover (and small extension) in New Road has been completed. It looks rather neat but I think that if I was doing that much work to it then I would have built a larger extension.

9 November 2017

Another tree has gone

The sawdust is clear evidence that a tree used to live here in Meadlands Drive, close to its junction with Sandy Lane. I hope it is replaced soon.

8 November 2017

The first part of Richmond Chase is almost ready

Progress is slow but the first phase of Richmond Chase is almost ready and as it does so it is starting to look a little bit more interesting, or at least a little less bland.

The flatness of the frontage is broken up by the porches and the bleakness of the paved front gardens by the fences and little touches of planting.

The far end, furthest from Church Road, follows the same scheme but here the block is set back creating long uninteresting paved areas more suitable for parking buses than cars.

7 November 2017

R60 RTT and BP57 JSZ make things difficult

Double Yellow Lines are an obvious visual sign that you really should not park there, signs that R60 RTT has chosen to ignore. This is the entrance to Ham Common from Upper Ham Road which is an awkward junction in both directions. The yellow lines are there for a reason.

Making things worse BP57 JSZ has chosen to park on the Double Yellow Lines on the other side of the road and to do so with the back end sticking out.

6 November 2017

Rebuilding a garden

I had hoped that some of the heavily overgrown garden in Burnell Avenue would survive the necessary rebuilding of house and garden but it has been totally cleared. Now I hope that a lovely new garden will appear in its place.

3 November 2017

Another lost garden

Sadly, lost gardens is becoming something of a theme and here is another one. This one is in Ashburnham Road.