28 April 2013

Ham community board

Richmond Council continues to go overboard with pointless signs. Having previously polluted places like Ham Common, Ham Lands and Ham Common Woods with them they have now spread to Ham Parade.

This claims to be a community board but it is not. It is put there by the Council so it only has Richmond news on it, so we get news about things in Twickenham but not in the Hawker Centre just down the road, because that belong to Kingston Council.

It is also not necessary as several local shops, e.g. Giftbox and Wendy's, already carry local news and they do restrict themselves to meaningless political boundaries.

20 April 2013

Flying fox

I do not know how I missed this weathervane previously, perhaps it is new (or is that just a desperate hope). This flying fox is chasing the wind as it scuttles over Sudbrook Lane and can be found about half way down on the left as you approach the golf club.

14 April 2013


When the high tide is at its peak there is a lovely moment when the water pauses before running away to sea again and in that still moment it reflects the trees that it has surrounded during its drive inland.

10 April 2013

Horse Field under water

The Spring Tides have been good this year assuming, like me, you like to see the water sweep in to Ham Lands. Normally I focus on the area in front of Ham House because there you can watch the water race across the ground to quickly swallow more of the grasslands. This time I have looked the other way across the Horse Field, not that it looks much like a field when full of water.

7 April 2013

Flooded path by Ham House

The clue that the water is higher than usual comes from the path that disappears beneath it. On better days this path leads from the towpath to Ham House but today the river has found a way in and has claimed a large swathe of the land that runs in front of Ham House. The waterfowl seem to approve.

3 April 2013

Flowers on the Green

I am pleased to see the continual improvements to Ham Village Green that includes new equipment and new trees. These bulbs are another welcome addition as they cut a colourful swathe through the grass.

2 April 2013

Across the Common

It is hard not to like the avenue of trees that runs across Ham Common. It is a bold statement of intent drawn across a flat pasture that has lost its purpose now that the cows have gone (what a shame that is). The Commons's only other interesting feature, the pond, is stuck out of the way in one corner so it is these trees that define the atmosphere of the space.

1 April 2013

Great South Avenue waits for Spring

Great South Avenue looks very bleak in Winter with the bare trees unable to deflect attention away from the drab straight lines of the footpath and the bridleway or from the featureless grass borders. The sunlight brings hope though for the Spring that is coming and the fresh growth that will bring.