29 April 2007

Sudbrook Lodge

Sudbrook Lodge is just off Ham Common at the north-east corner. The gate pillars were rebuilt this year and have not yet weathered to the same colour as the rest of the wall.

Cricket scoreboard

It's a love;y Sunday afternoon (is it really only April?) and they are playing cricket on Ham Common. The batting side seems to have the upper hand at the moment.

Recycling on Ham Parade

One of the nice things about living close to Ham Parade is the ease of access to a wide range of recycling facilities. Here you can get rid of your paper, cardboard, glass and cans.


This obelisk is at the entrance to Ham Gate Avenue, which leads east from Ham Common to Richmond Park.

Fox & Goose (no more)

This was the Fox & Goose until not that long ago. It was a friendly little Young's pub that is much missed.

Welcome to Ham

This sign is at the southern end of Ham Parade.

Bedford truck

This rather lovely Bedford truck has been parked on the south-side of Ham Common for a few weeks now.

23 April 2007

Morning mist

This is what the river looked like last Sunday at 6:30am.


This is one of the trees on Ham Common coming into leaf.

22 April 2007


The double yellow lines are there because the road is narrow at that point and there are junctions on both sides of the road; it's not safe to park there!


I'm don't know what is being built in the grounds of the Cassel Hospital but this crane arrived there this week so I guess that it is going to be pretty tall.

It's spring

A week ago these trees on Ham Common were bare and now they are all leafy.


A ride at the Victorian Fun Fair.

21 April 2007

Big Wheel

This Big Wheel is part of the Victorian Fair on Ham Common.

20 April 2007

Victorian Fun Fair

The Victorian Fun Fair is this weekend. The rides are for kids but I'll enjoy the machinery!

LM06 XWO parks in a zig-zag zone

Most of us think that the zig-zag zone is there to keep cars away from the crossing for the safety of pedestrians; others selfishly think that it's the best place to park when going to the off-licence.

14 April 2007

St Andrews Church

This is St Andrews Church in, er, Church Road which goes along the south side of the wild part of Ham Common.

Building plot in Latchmere Close

Somebody ought to tell the ducks that this is a building site and there will be a house here one day.

13 April 2007

Fox House

Fox House, on Upper Ham Road facing Ham Common, is one of the several pretty white-faced houses around Ham Common and may even be the prettiest.

Church Road is closed

Not sure why Church Road is closed, I'll have to walk down there soon to find out.

Building site at Cassel

This building site is in the grounds of the Cassel Hospital on the south side of Ham Common. I have no idea what it is going to be but I guess that it will be obvious before too long.

6 April 2007

White house

Yet another white house in Ham, this one is on Upper Ham Road and faces west over Ham Common.


Another driver who thinks that parking just where two lanes merge into one is OK and that the double yellow lines do not apply to him.

2 April 2007

Gate House

This former gate house (it has a plaque to prove it) is just to the north of Ham Parade and is now, obviously, an office.

House on Upper Ham Road

The conservatory was added recently and seems to have almost doubled the size of this house on Upper Ham Road (as the road to Richmond is called at that point).

G 740 BBH

Yep, that's the middle of the pavement that they are parked on.

Looking north

This is the eastern edge of Ham Common looking north towards the New Inn. This single line of trees has also had some gaps filled recently.

Hand and Flower

The Hand and Flower is a quaint looking pub on the south-east corner of Ham Common. The mess of spaces inside is a result of its history of additions to what was quite a small building.

Avenue of trees

This is the avenue of trees across Ham Common toward Ham House, which is about a mile away.

The Denes

Properties in this new development in Craig Road are now for sale, with 30% already sold from plan.

The developer describes the Denes as, "a stunning development of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom luxury penthouses with a later phase of 3 bedroom houses."

The prices range from £240k for a 1 bedroom flat to £450k for 3 bedrooms.

1 April 2007

Footpath repairs

This is the footpath that goes from the side of Ham House to the river and the bit that's being repaired is the bridge over the area that floods. The old bridge was wooden and ok, but was usually covered by the water at high tide. It will be interesting to see what the new bridge is like.


A dropped kerb and double yellow lines!

Flooded path

This is the path to Richmond at high tide. The grass in the middle distance shows where the river bank is. Further towards Richmond, near to Water Lane, the path was completely covered by the river.