30 June 2015

The new Ham Glebe takes shape

Ham Glebe in Church Road is now one of the places that I walk past regularly to see how the buildings work are getting on. Quite a lot of time was spent clearing the site, driving a few piles and sorting the drains out and now the construction proper has started with the laying of the concrete base.

A thing to note is how close the new building is to the woods at the back and to the sides. There is not that much more space at the front of the house either and most of that will be taken by the drive and parking spaces.

27 June 2015

A growing house in Ham Farm Road

One of the local developments that I am keeping a regular eye on is this one in Ham Farm Road. It is approached via a long lane, close to the junction with Upper Ham Road, and the two houses there are set behind, and hidden by, the other houses in the road.

With various extensions the house has at least doubled in size but the new roof and rendering so their best to hide the differences between the old and the new parts. It is a fairly simple design and I think that works well. It also closely matches its neighbour on Upper Ham Road.

As the building work has continued a large gate now blocks this view. 

24 June 2015

Buffer's Stop

The Locksmeade development is an interesting collection of buildings, spaces and paths that while very different from the rest of Ham in appearance are completely in keeping with their landscaping and permeability.

Taking advantage of that permeability, and using one of the paths through the development recently, I spotted this new house sign. Everything about it is right. I love the gentle font, the little picture and the sympathetic colouring.

18 June 2015

Chalk angel and other happy things

I like the path that runs through Royal Park Gate connecting Dukes Avenue with the river because it bends just enough to stop it being boring but not too much to feel like a detour and because it lies within a wide natural avenue of grass and bushes.

This time that I walked along the path it was even prettier thanks to the efforts of some chalk artist, or artists, who had been busy drawing jolly things like a rainbow, an angel and a butterfly on the pedestrian side of the path.

13 June 2015

Round windows in Lock Road

I do not know if these windows have always been like this but I have only just noticed them. That is why I keep walking the same roads and keep looking all around me. There are always new things to see and old things to notice for the first time.

It is not uncommon for houses to have one round window, often to light the stairwell or landing, but two are much rarer, and that is why they caught my attention.

12 June 2015

Uncluttered view of Ham House

I do not often take photographs of the front of Ham House for two reasons, I find it overly fussy and there are normally lots of people in the way. So it was a nice surprise to look the font of the house looking so lovely on a recent walk.

It was not deliberate (I am not that organised) but I found myself walking past just as it was closing which had the double benefit of removing people from the scene and of bathing it in late afternoon sunshine.

I still much prefer the back of the house though I will now admit that the front has its charms too.