24 June 2015

Buffer's Stop

The Locksmeade development is an interesting collection of buildings, spaces and paths that while very different from the rest of Ham in appearance are completely in keeping with their landscaping and permeability.

Taking advantage of that permeability, and using one of the paths through the development recently, I spotted this new house sign. Everything about it is right. I love the gentle font, the little picture and the sympathetic colouring.

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  1. I just want to say how much i have been enjoying reading your blog for the last year, since we first started thinking about coming to live in Ham. It always cheers me up when I see 'Ham photos' in my inbox, as I know there will be something interesting and/or beautiful to look at. It has been a constant reminder of the loveliness of Ham. We have just had an offer accepted on a house in Kingfisher Drive and will, all being well, move there by the end of the summer, but having spent so much time reading your blog I feel as if I know its byways very well already - thank you.


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