26 December 2018

Pretty tree

With all the building work that has been going on in the last couple of years Ham Photos has been rather swamped with pictures of construction sites so I thought that I would address the balance a little with a picture of a nice tree. The garden may be a little ragged for some tastes but I like it.

25 December 2018

Paths across Ham Village Green

Minot changes are being made to Ham Village Green with some regularity and, so far, I think that they have all been for the better. The Green is gradually becoming more interesting, more pleasant and more a place to loiter than to rush through.

The latest enhancements are decorative motifs at the ends of the paths that cross the Green. The apples and pears denote the shared start of the two paths that cross from Woodville Road to Ham Street and Ashburnham Road.

Cherries welcome walkers at the Ashburnham Road end.

24 December 2018

Christmas lights at Bramlings

I was not intending to cover Christmas lights this year but the extensive display at Bramlings is so far over the top and so unexpected that I just had to share it.

22 December 2018

Ham House at its best

I have posted a few pictures of the back of Ham House over the years as that is my favourite view. This one is slightly different to the others as I usually take them from the left-side.

Ham House faces South and a little East (SSE) so is in full sunlight a little before midday and that is a good enough excuse to go there early.

15 December 2018

New windows

Work on 1 Upper Ham Road had paused for a while, perhaps they were still busy inside, and then the windows arrived. They have gone for two different designs to help to separate the one building into two houses and also to match the different windows in the adjacent buildings.

While I can understand the thinking I would much rather that they had used just one style to maintain the integrity of the building it is replacing. It is meant to merge in with the very old cottages to the left, not to the new building on the right.

14 December 2018

Sprucing up The Old Malt House

The works on The Old Malt House are proving to be substantial and, so far, it looks as though they are being done sympathetically and are going to make the house even better than it was. It sits in a prominent position and deserves to look special.

12 December 2018

Pretty pot

One of the things I like to do is to discover pretty little things and when I do I like to share them. This  pot is not very large, as you can tell from the bricks behind it, so it has to work hard to get noticed and the large pink flower does the trick nicely.

10 December 2018

Approaching Ham House

On a lovely Autumn day I made my way to Ham House and was struck by this beauty before I got there. The crispness in the air was echoed in the crispness of the trees.

9 December 2018

A tale of two pavements

The repairing of pavements in Ham continues in Woodville Road. At the Ashburnham Road end new paving stones are replacing old ones.

It is another story at the other end of the road, where social housing sets the tone for the area, black tarmac is deemed to be sufficient.

8 December 2018

Patterning the Plats

The gardens at Ham House are always being worked on and there are changes from year to year and season to season.

Previously, the Plats, the eight lawn squares at the back of the house, had escaped attention and now their time is coming. Designs have been etched into the grass that suggest that flower beds, or something else decorative, will soon be coming.

This is good news. The Plats were built to show off wealth when lawns were expensive and unusual but times change and everybody has a lawn and this large expanse was easily the least interesting part of the garden.

7 December 2018

Poppies, pebbles and posters

The remembrance season in early November brought a sea of poppies, pebbles and posters to the little garden in the shopping parade at the river-end of Ashburnham Road.

6 December 2018

Demolition in Ham Farm Road

I like the diversity and individuality of the houses in Ham Farm Road so I am watching the demolition and replacement of one of them with interest. The old house certainly deserved its place in the road and I hope that its replacement does too. This is too nice a road for a bland house.

5 December 2018

Unidentical twins

I have forgotten where this is and the GPS on my camera has let me down, which is a shame as I would like to go back and see how these works have turned out.

No doubt I will pass there by accident eventually and this house will be easy to spot as it is so different from it's neighbours. It shares the slate roof and red brick of it co-joined twin but replacing the roof and the mortar has emphasised the differences between the them.

4 December 2018

Major thinning out

A few days after the initial shock of seeing the major works along the towpath besides Burnell Avenue I was back and it was lovely and bright for photographs.

The extent of the thinning out was clear once all the debris had been removed and it was major. All of the ground cover vegetation had been removed leaving just the trees. I do not approve because the houses in Burnell Avenue now intrude on the natural idyll and I am sure that the wildlife does not approve either.

A closer look at the works shows that not only was the scrub cleared but the trees took bit of a hammering too.

3 December 2018

59 Ham Street rises more

I have seen the plans for 59 Ham Street so have some idea what the finished buildings will look like but the plans never tell the whole story so it is interesting to watch them take shape. At the moment most of that shape is hidden by scaffolding and it is hard work for the slim bricks on the lower level to get themselves seen.

2 December 2018

More cutting back along the towpath

It was a foggy day in October when taking my usual walk to work that I was struck by the cutting back of the trees and bushes along the towpath opposite Burnell Avenue. There had been cutbacks along there before but not to this extent.

The Border Stone stands exposed when only a few weeks earlier I was standing next to it sheltering from the rain under a tree.

I can see the argument for exposing the river but I preferred it when coming across the weir was always a surprise and the first warning that it was there came from the noise it makes.

Work was in progress on the other side of the towpath too and the debris on the ground shows just how much of the vegetation was being removed.

While I can see an argument for exposing the river surely there is no sensible reason for making the ramshackle houses on Burnell Avenue more visible.