29 November 2012

Long view across the Common

I think that Ham Common looks at its best from the south-east corner, opposite the Hand and Flower, where its size can be appreciated and there is no sign of traffic to blight the view.

The line of trees on the left follows the road towards Ham Street and feels rather grander than the double line of trees on the right that marks the line towards Ham House. This has suffered a bit over the years and it will take quite a few more years let before the new trees fill the gaps and look anything like as impressive as their southerly neighbours.

24 November 2012

Early Christmas Tree

It is still November and over a month to Christmas yet the New Inn on Ham Common has already got its tree up and decked with lights. It is attractive and jolly. It is also far too early.

22 November 2012

Alone on the towpath by Teddington Lock

It is rare to see the towpath just north of Teddington Lock this quiet, which is why I took a picture of it. There is something terribly inviting about the way that the path disappears among the trees in the distance with the river following it dutifully.

18 November 2012

Ham House with statue

Once again I am drawn to the back of Ham House and its repetitive and symmetric beauty. The picture is taken from just inside The Wilderness to include one of the statues that stand either side of the main path. Between the status and the house are The Plats, a series of neat regular lawns that echo the regiment of windows beyond.

15 November 2012

The Cherry Garden at Ham House

The Cherry Garden at Ham House has gone through some changes recently with the replanting of the lavender and hosting part of the Garden of Reason. Now it is more or less back to its charming best.

11 November 2012

Besides The Copse

Hardly the first picture that I have taken of this field, and you can see why. The field stretches out before you and only the neat trim of the hedge in the distance suggests that this anything other than a wilderness.

Melancholy Walk runs along the right of the picture, hidden by trees. To the left is The Copse.

7 November 2012

Home Office Property

The future of the former Latchmere Prison site is still uncertain (I guess that it will be housing but there are questions over the type and the number) and for the moment it still belongs to the Ministry of Justice, which has taken over the responsibility for prisons from the Home Office. So, for the moment, the sign stays.

1 November 2012

Broken letters

Normally I take pictures of shops that have got new signs but this time here is one of a shop that needs to get one. The New Mandarin's sign was fine in 2007 and since then the years have been unkind to it and some of the letters have lost some of their strokes, if not their meaning.