24 November 2014

Cottages in Wiggins Lane

Wiggins Lane tries to keep itself private by hiding behind Ham Street and by not going anywhere but the attractive cottages there mean that I walk along there quite often.

Pointers Cottages is the row of cottages along side that footpath that  continues on to Stretton Road while the road turns towards Woodville Road. The sign that announces them is clearly visible and, judging by the square font, quite old.

The  cottages themselves are always pretty with their white walls, colourful woodwork and thick foliage.

Wiggins Cottages are toward the Ham Street end of the road and are set slightly further back. Their sign is a lot harder to find and looks a lot newer.

20 November 2014

Bright paving on Petersham Road

I am sure that it will weather to a darker hue but while it is young the new paving along Petersham Road is strikingly bright.

15 November 2014

Something is wrong in Petersham Road

One by one it seems that all of the Mock-Tudor house that lie in the stretch of Petersham Road south of Sandy Lane are being modernised. In most cases the garages were included in to the house some years ago and the current spate of enhancements are enlarging the houses even further. Often this means going upwards.

In every case but one the remodelling of the roof has kept the original style (above) with thick terracotta tiles and jagged ridges.

The one exception is this work-in-progress. The colour is more or less in keeping with its neighbours but the thin slates produce a very different pattern and the ridges have no pattern at all.

As a result the house shouts out its difference as you walk past and that section of the road looks slightly less grand than it did.

3 November 2014

Exotic plants in Woodville Road

I have admired this garden in Woodville Road for some time and it has taken me far too long to finally get around to taking a photo of it. It belongs to one of the few houses in Woodville Road at the west end of the road that are part of the Wates Estate and it gives me a boost every time that I walk past it.