26 June 2010

The Dysart Arms

The seating area in front of The Dysart Arms has been improved markedly in recent weeks to both enhance the character of the space and to separate it from the busy main road. This welcome transformation has been achieved simply through some fencing and some planting.

19 June 2010


I took this photo of Headmasters on the spur of the moment while waiting for a 65 bus to Richmond. I had been meaning to take such a picture for some time but all previous attempts had been thwarted by cars parked in the two roads in front of parade that prevented you from seeing the shops themselves. Headmasters now occupies two units have expanded some years ago in to what had been a hardware store.

15 June 2010

Montrose House gardenside

One of the benefits of visiting open gardens is that you can get a different view of the house too. The front of Montrose House is grand but also dark and stark with just a small paved area in front of it and then the tall wall that keeps Petersham Road at bay. The rear of the house, facing the large garden, is also grand and combines this grandeur with sunshine and greenery.

11 June 2010

Mann & Co is now Gascoigne-Pees

Another recent change to Ham Parade but this one is so subtle that I missed it at the time. The estate agents Mann & Co is now Gascoigne-Pees, the estate agents. One positive point is that the new green sign breaks up the previous blue triumvirate that included Greggs and Coral.

7 June 2010

Dance Active comes to Ham

Good to see that the former home of Aristocrat is to reopen so soon with the arrival of Dance Active. The finishing touches were being put on it this evening ready for the opening tomorrow.

6 June 2010

The Glasshouse

I've kept my favourite of the Petersham Open Gardens to last and that is The Glasshouse in River Lane. It's a modern house (2004) with a very modern garden that does all the things that a modern garden should do and it does them all exceptionally well. Here the bright white walls of the courtyard accentuate the vibrant shapes of the dark green plants that conspire to hide one of the seats conveniently placed to enjoy the garden.

5 June 2010


Another very welcome addition to the Petersham Open Gardens this year was Twyntre, the new Huf Haus next to the Russell School on Petersham Road. I have featured the exciting building itself several times and it was nice to be able to supplement this with a view of the garden.

A modern house deserves a modern garden and that's what Twyntre has with decking, ponds, architectural plants and some sculpture.

3 June 2010

Water at Elm Lodge

My favourite single spot among the Petersham Open Gardens is the luscious water feature at Elm Lodge that makes that end of the garden a gentle retreat in which to sit, relax, unwind and marvel at the herons that keep even stiller.

1 June 2010

Wild garden at Montrose House

Most of the people that I spoke to at the Petersham Open Gardens were keen to look around Montrose House which was open for the first time, and I was keen too.

Much of the garden was as expected to anybody used to travelling on the top deck of the 65 bus as it crawls around the sharp bend, but there was one surprise. Hidden in the far corner behind a line of trees is an area of wilderness that could just as easily be part of the nearby Richmond Park as a private garden.