30 October 2007

Flats at Morgans now for sale

The new block of flats on the corner of Ham Street and Upper Richmond Road now has a name, Morgans, and the sales office is open.

The development consists of fourteen 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments with basement car parking. Prices range from £495,000 to £895,000.

Being nosey I went and had a look at them.

The location is good but the layouts are quirky (too much space wasted in kitchens and bathrooms for my liking) and the finishes look cheap (e.g. the internal doors) so overall they disappointed me.

19 October 2007

Pointless signs

Richmond Council has decided to put a series of pointless signs in the part of Ham Lands that lie between Ham House and Ham Common.

The sign underneath is from a resident who is angry at the waste of tax payers' money, as am I.

11 October 2007

Cutting the grass

This is the grassy area in front of Ham House. I last walked here just a couple of weeks ago and it was fun following small paths through the long grass but now the long grass has gone and the wild look has been replaced by a lawn.

The northern edge of Ham Lands

This path in Ham Lands is up by River Lane and is parallel to it. Ham Lands ends here and the other side of River Lane are the Petersham water meadows.

Garden on Ham Common

I have taken fewer pictures of gardens than I intended so far but I plan to start putting that right with a photo of this nice garden on Ham Common. I like the weathered brick and the assortment of shapes and colours.

Thames Path

This signpost is by the footpath from Ham House to the river and show the walking distances to the nearest towns. These are fairly long walks as the river bends a lot making the route much longer than the more direct, and much less interesting, route by road.

A shop changes on Ham Parade

This has been a beauty parlour for some years but is now changing into a shop selling various household items (Mia Wood), much like it was previously.

American car on Ham Parade

A familiar site on Ham Parade. It is often parked around the back of the shops but here it is outside of the barbers where its owner works. Inside the shop are models of more American cars from the same period.

A new building takes shape

This is the new building at 35 Ham Common with Forbes House and Forbes Cottage in the background.

Garage doors

I like the look of these traditional garage doors, we had some just like these at home. The fresh paint looks good too, a modern colour on an old building,