30 April 2009

Hollybush House

Hollybush House in Church Road is possibly the grandest of the "new" (c20/c21) houses locally and is wonderfully situated having the thick trees of Ham Common Woods on two sides.

29 April 2009

Obvious extension

Latchmere Close is in the South-East corner of Ham and the houses there were originally built (I presume) for the officers at HMP Latchmere House. This small extension to one of the semi caught my eye because it is not quite right in several ways; the roof line is broken, the brick is a different colour and the new windows lack the attractive small panes of the originals.

28 April 2009


This fleur-de-lys may not be familiar to everyone but the background colour rather gives the game away as the only building coloured like this locally is the Ham Scouts hut, just off Ham Common, with access via Great South Avenue.

27 April 2009

The Palm Centre

The Palm Centre in Ham Street is like a folly in a formal garden, it does not really belong there but it is quirky and interesting and so you keep going to it.

26 April 2009


Ham has suddenly turned purple as wisteria has burst into flower throughout the area. There are many fine examples that I could have shown but I narrowed it down to two of my favourites.

The cottage at the Manor House in Ham Street is one of the more public displays as the flowers escape from the garden to run along the front wall.

Just across the road in Wiggins Lane this fine example crawls across the front of one of the cottages.

Water's edge

At high tide the water claims the small beach on the island by Teddington Lock and turns it into a peaceful lagoon.

25 April 2009

White, pink and yellow

Blossom is everywhere at the moment making even the shortest stroll a joy. This wonderful confusion of colours is in Ham Farm Road.

24 April 2009


Cedarwood is one of the more interesting houses in Church Road. I had been meaning to take a photograph of it for some time but there had always been a car on the drive before and cars tend to ruin photos.

Along the tow path

The tow path from Kingston to Richmond is a mixed walk, some of it almost boring, but one of my favourite stretches is the approach (from Kingston) to Teddington Lock where Ham Lands suddenly becomes very woody and all but engulfs the path.

23 April 2009

Ham General Store

Ham General Store in Ham Street has had a subtle uplift. It looks much as it did in November 2007 but the Coca-Cola advertising has gone, the shop name is now displayed proudly and there are some smart lights above the sign.

22 April 2009

A wander in the woods

Ham Common Woods is always a great place for a quick walk (sadly it is not big enough for a long walk) because it is full of paths like this that wander aimlessly through quiet trees. It's like being in a Rupert story but without the pixies.

21 April 2009

Hansel and Pretzel

A new German delicatessen, the amusingly named Hansel and Pretzel, is now open for business on Ham Street. Clearly the local German community (attracted by the German School in Petersham) is a target market but being opposite a large secondary school probably also helps.

20 April 2009

Magnolia in Wiggins Lane

I have taken pictures of the pretty cottages in Wiggins Lane before but they look even prettier now with the Spring blossom.

The Garden House

The Garden House in Ham Street looks exotic and mysterious when viewed across part of The Palm Centre that wraps itself around the house. A children's book should be set here.

19 April 2009


New life has been appearing at Ham Pond since February and the latest arrival is this very small fluffy chick.

Weathervane by Ham House

There is an interesting clutch of buildings on Ham Street by the path to Ham House, one of which has this lovely dome and weathervane.

18 April 2009

Carousel at Victorian Fair

The Victorian Fair has made its annual return to Ham Common with the familiar carousel of brightly coloured, but somewhat scary, horses.

Balcony at Stokes House

Stokes House in Ham Street is now part of the Ham House Conservation Area which is good news for this sumptious balcony.

17 April 2009

Nemo me impune lacessit

My Latin was rusty thirty five years ago and is much rustier now but, thanks to an online translator, I think that the motto on the gate at the rear of Ham House says "Nobody who attacks me is safe".

16 April 2009


Coral has arrived on Ham Parade taking over the space left by HSBC. Bookmakers now occupy three units on the parade (William Hill has one shop across two units) but while this is not a particularly positive development the bank it replaces was not very useful either and I would rather that something occupied the space than have it left empty.


It looks as though the already over-constructed car park at the end of Ham Street is going to get a new surface. In the meantime the black heaps make the area look like something out of a cheap science fiction show.

15 April 2009

Ham Surrey Post Office

The sign for the former post office on Petersham Road is hard to find because it is small, low down at pavement level and partially obscured by the vine, but I am glad it is still there as a reminder of the past.

14 April 2009

Teddington Weir at high tide

The Tidal Thames reaches all the way from the sea to Teddington Weir, i.e. the water level rises and falls with the tides. The Thames upstream of Teddington Weir is not tidal in that sense but some high tides do rise over the weir and the effects of this can be seen upstream through high-tide lines (i.e. where the water borne materials get deposited). The best place to see this is Canbury Gardens in Kingston.

Here we can see the overspill at Teddington Weir as high tide approaches (there is about 15 minutes to go) and the rushing waterfalls that can normally be heard from some distance have been reduced to a gentle fall of just a few centimetres.

At high tide (and this was not an especially high one) the tide has breached the weir pushing debris upstream and allowing the ducks to swim over it freely.

12 April 2009

A walk in Ham Common Woods

Ham Common Woods is one of the main delights of Ham and is worth walking through at any time of the year but in Spring it is magical thanks to the warmer weather, brighter light and the dormant flora bursting into life.

11 April 2009

Changes in Ham Street

There are three new things in this picture of Ham Street looking South towards the junction with Ashburnham Road: the parking area outside of the shops is being resurfaced, the shop unit on the far right that has been empty for some time is opening soon as "Hansel & Pretzel" a cafe and delicatessen selling German goods, and an outdoor gym has been placed on the corner of Ham Village Green.

10 April 2009

Water feature

Another chance passing of a door that was open when it is usually closed revealed a water feature in the front garden of the cottage next to Langham House.

8 April 2009

Nesting swan

It is good to see the swans busy building a nest at this time of the year. Previously their nest has been on the small island in the middle of the pond but the water is a little higher now and that island is a lot smaller as a result. This year their nest is on the North side of the pond in amongst the reeds,

The nest looks almost finished and the pen is adding the final touches to it by bringing some of the smaller lengths of reed closer to her.

7 April 2009

Meadlands Nursery mural

Broughton Avenue is significantly enlivened by this mural on the front of Meadlands Nursery School.

6 April 2009

Avenue Lodge in bloom

Avenue Lodge (which sits by the entrance to Great South Avenue as it leaves Ham Common for Ham House) is one of the many houses locally that look majestic all year round but which are even better in Spring when they provide an architectural backdrop to masses of blossom.

5 April 2009

Colourful duck

Ham Pond is not very big as village ponds go but it attracts a fair variety of birds including several of these colourful ducks.

4 April 2009

Ormeley Lodge in bloom

For most of the year the hedge either side of the front gate to Ormeley Lodge looks a tangled mess but it justifies its existence when it blooms like this.

3 April 2009

Meadlands mural

Meadlands School in Broughton Avenue is a rather boring building but look carefully at the side of the school and you will discover this vibrant mural of St George slaying a dragon.

2 April 2009

Bricks and blossom

The pink blossom is gorgeous by itself but I love the way that it contrasts with the dark brick of Langham House and the way that there are just enough gaps in the blossom for the grandeur of the house to peep through.

1 April 2009

Swan on Ham Pond

This swan looks majestic as it patrols Ham Pond, swimming forcefully back and forth and occasionally leaping into action to chase away a bird that has done something to annoy it.

Daffodils on the common

They are past their best now but for a few days the swathe of daffodils on the north side of Ham Common have provided a welcome burst of colour.