11 April 2014

Refitting at Ham Library

The extension to Ham Library happened a few months ago and I have been there a couple of times for meetings of Ham United Group. It has taken me this long to post pictures of it because every time that I have been there it was wet and/or dark.

Some time ago a housing office was stuck on the side of Ham Library. The extension is very like the old building and only a slight difference in the colour of the brickwork gives the game away.

Now the office has been refashioned for community use with a good size meeting room and another room with some utility services (I've not been in there to check what they are).

The library and community space are nothing to look at, and that is a little disappointing, but they provide useful services so it's a welcome feature of the area.


  1. That part of the building isn't a new build - it's just that the library has renovated and extended into what used to be the RHP office.

  2. Thanks. I knew that but somehow forgot it. I've corrected the description.


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