12 April 2014

Open spaces under threat at Latchmere House

The plans have been submitted for the HM Prison Latchmere House site and I do not like them. Of course the existing prison buildings are ugly, as is the tall wall that surrounds them, so anything that replaces them is likely to be better but the new development is planning to extend well beyond the existing walls in to the green spaces around them.

This is the view from just inside the entrance off Church Road looking towards the Latchmere House. The plans are to build a pair of houses on this part of the site.

The real problem is on the Latchmere Lane side. Currently there is a lot of open space between the road and the wall but almost all of what you can see here is due to go. Houses are planned for the far end and, with the wall gone, there will be hard paths, or even a road, across here into the new development.

It is the open spaces that make Ham what it is and to lose some like this would be very bad news.

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