23 April 2017

Inappropriate planting in Royal Park Gate

When I moved into Royal Park Gate in 1997 that area was brash and barren but over twenty years the trees and bushes have matured nicely. There used to be no birdsong at all and now it is taken for granted. Other wildlife like the wilding of the area and I have even had a badger in my garden (I am not sure which of us was the more surprised when I walked up the drive).

Now some people, mostly new to the area, have decided that rather than have bushes for birds to nest in they would rather have flowers and so a small stretch of the route through from Dukes Avenue the the river has been butchered. Shrubs have had their lower branches removed, the ground has been cleared and a few silly flowers have been planted.

I am doing what I can to halt, and hopefully reverse, this desecration.


  1. Where is Royal Park Gate? - can't see it on map near Dukes Avenue

    1. Royal Park Gate is the development on the former BAe factory site; the main roads in it are Northweald Lane and Horsley Drive.

  2. Thanks Matthew. Apart from the marketing opportunities was there any reason to call it that when it was being developed?


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