3 February 2017

Removing trees at Cassel Hospital

I happened to catch some tree surgeons at work at Cassel Hospital on one of my many walks around Ham Common. This was early afternoon on Wednesday 25 January and one tree had been severely cut back and two others cut back to their stumps.

I went past the hospital again a couple of days later to take another look and was surprised, and upset, to see that the trimmed tree had also been cut back and all three stumps removed. Only the fresh wood chippings gave any sign that there used to be trees there.


  1. works to trees this size in conservation areas normally require consent. My search of the Planning Register didnt show anything but dont take this as definitive

  2. It's a pity to see them go. I checked Richmond Planning Applications. https://images.richmond.gov.uk/iam/IAMCache/2005757/2005757.pdf This is a map (with a table describing the trees on the property)for an application on which a decision was taken last October "as there were no objections". There is a more recent planning application "in progress".


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