31 May 2016

POG2016: Montrose House

The large garden at Montrose House is filled with an eclectic mix of objects including two large elephants and, new for this year, a large tortoise. However, I have avoided the temptation to feature one of those (I have shown most of them previously) and gone for some thing more traditional instead.

One corner of the garden has lots of space to sit out in and that corner is enriched by a large water feature which makes all the soothing noises that water features are meant to make. I think it is very attractive too so it is something to look at as well as to listen to.

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  1. Anonymous31 May, 2016

    Matthew, this sequence of pictures is glorious. Thank you! I wasn't, this time round, able to view the Petersham Open Gardens, so I am thrilled to see the changes in the gardens with which I am familiar. And ha, another War Memorial house. You haven't lost your knack. Montrose House, the home of his maternal grandparents, is where 2/Lieutenant Roger Victor Cecil Hunt . Although a native of Petersham, he is one of eight natives of Petersham who are not recorded on the Petersham War Memorial, and I will eventually get round to writing about this plucky lad on the Petersham Remembers blog. I have signed in here this time with one of my WordPress IDs, as my blogspot blogs are not regularly maintained. The war memorials keep me busy.


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