21 February 2016

Felling trees along the towpath

I seem to be spending most of my time at the moment monitoring all the developments on and around Ham Common (there are four major schemes that I check up on several times a week) but I am still making time to walk around the rest of Ham to see what else is going on.

The towpath is a regular route of mine, especially the section running south from Teddington Lock and it was on one of those regular walks that I saw the cleansing of the towpath by the removal of several mature trees.

An excuse for this given on the little A4 notices was that the trees were unsafe though most looked healthy enough to me, not that I am an expert.

This cleansing comes soon after the clearance of much of the scruffy shrubbery in the same area so the walk along the towpath is now a little less interesting and the unnatural world infringes on it more. Not a disaster but not an improvement either.


  1. It seems the clearing of the area has something to do with the boats that are illegally moored there.


  2. Dreadful that Richmond Council have done this/allowed this to happen. Pure vandalism. Those illegally moored need to be dealt with by means of the law not by doing this. If the boats move downstream are they going to cut more trees? It's starting to look like a manicured walk - which is not what people love about it.


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