5 December 2015

Getting ready for the Huf House to arrive

I spent most of the morning looking at Huf Häuser in Ulswater Close in Kingston Vale so I thought that I would check up on the one that is coming to Ham Street. The works are pretty well screened but there was just enough to be seen through a couple of gaps for me to know that it would be worth sticking my camera over the top to get a full view of the site.

Some of the features of the house can now be seen. There is a gap/trench between the external walls of the basement and the steel supports of the large hole that has been dug and this will allow some daylight into the rooms in the basement. The hole in the middle of the bed of concrete is for the stairs down to the basement.

The house is due to arrive in January and I am looking forward to seeing that.


  1. Thanks for highlighting progress at 57 Ham Street - looks like it's going to be a pretty amazing flat-roof 7 bed (+gym, media room, etc) Huff Haus, albeit with one storey below ground - the 14/0297/DD01 plans are at http://images.richmond.gov.uk/iam/IAMCache/1604322/1604322.pdf.

    However, of further interest is the 9th December 2015 planning application next door at 59 Ham Street (next to the library) where the owner wants to demolish the bungalow and replace it with four x three bed family dwellings with basement accommodation and off-street parking. See 15/4780/FUL at http://www2.richmond.gov.uk/PlanData2/Planning_CASENO_Noindex.aspx?strCASENO=15/4780/FUL
    The 'drone view' on page 8 of this document gives the best idea of what the development might look like: http://images.richmond.gov.uk/iam/IAMCache/1881233/1881233.pdf

    It's a shame at one level, although little gets in the way of a property development these days, as the original two 1954 bungalows were quite important works by renowned local architect Stefan Buzas of James Cubitt and Partners.

    The Huff Haus development looks like it could be an enhancement to the area. The same cannot be said of trying to cram four bland houses into a similar-sized plot. Fingers crossed that LBR see sense on this one.

    1. Thanks for alerting me to the proposals for the adjoining site. I have submitted an objection online.


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