3 October 2015

Leaving Ham to go to Richmond

My self imposed border for this blog follows the towpath north and west as far a River Lane and then follows that road south to the main road and that is why I have never covered Petersham Meadow, or its cows. After eight years I have broken my own rule.

This is the towpath immediately to the west of River Lane and I was prompted to take the picture by the unconscious shock that the path had been resurfaced. I do not recall that being done in the twenty years that I have lived here and the wear and tear of the many years had made the path very uneven and a haven for puddles.

One of the causes for the wear and tear is the tide that sometimes climbs up the bank to cover the path. It will be interesting to see how long the path looks as good as this and how long it takes to get repaired again when the potholes return.

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