20 July 2014

Gardens at St. Michael's Convent

St. Michael's Convent will be moving away from its Ham Common home in a year or two so I took advantage of an open garden day to have a good look around and to take lots of pictures. Here are just a few that try to show the size and shape of the gardens.

One of the main features is the orchard. This lies just beyond the large lawn at the back of the house.

 To one side of the lawn, hidden behind a tall brick wall, is a kitchen garden. Here there are vegetables, some flowers and a couple of greenhouses.

The lawn sits behind the house and is massive. This is the view looking across it sideways with the house off to the left and the orchard just peeping above the hedge on the right.

Moving to the back of the previous picture and turning right put the house behind me and a pretty border on the left. In the background are some of the trees that define the back of the garden.

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