1 July 2014

Crossing the bridge to Ham

The prettiest way to enter Ham is via the footbridge at Teddington. The first section is low as only small boats pass underneath and so it is gentle rise up to the first of the two magnificent towers.

The weir usually provides a welcoming chorus of sound as the water tumbles down the steep drop but when the tide is high the incoming water just about climbs to the top and hides the fall. Then the machinery of the weir looks lost and out of place.

The moorings that run under the footbridge provide a little colour and a lot of interest.

The bridge's second span from the artificial island to Ham is high to let the pleasure cruisers pass beneath and the elevated view south-east towards Kingston is always worth pausing for.

Moving further along the bridge and looking south-east again reveals more of the curving river and the full sweep of the weir.

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