13 May 2014

Wild zone at Cassel Hospital

The north section of the Cassel Hospital plot is a wild zone hidden behind a wooden fence. It is not a very tall fence so it is easy to look over it to see what is going on.

Normally that is nothing but it looks less wild than it did as some work has been done on it. And that could be a problem as badgers live here and their habitats are protected by law. Obviously there is a suspicion that this is being done to clear the area ready for houses when the large and prominent Cassel Hospital site is sold. This is just a suspicion and local organisations are monitoring the situation.


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2014

    The old building is 'To Let' as office space. The hospital is still open and people are still receiving treatment there. The old building is not part of the hospital. The hospital is to the right of the old building. Facts should be checked before published on the internet.

    1. The whole site is part of Cassel Hospital and is defined as opportunity area HP3 in the Site Allocations Plan.


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