28 May 2014

No Through Road Here

The most controversial part of the proposed schemes for the redevelopment of the former HM Latchmere House site is the additional access road included in the larger of the two schemes. The current site is accessed via Church Road and both proposals retain this but the larger scheme adds access via Latchmere Lane.

Clearly residents are opposed to the idea.

The reason for opposing a new junction on Latchmere Lane is because this is a tricky section of road with bends, other junctions and traffic calming measures. The road is a "rat-run" to Richmond Park and so draws a lot of traffic.

The white strip in the centre of the picture is the back of the banner and shows where the new road would go.

Just beyond where the new road is planned (the Latchmere House site is on the left) an other traffic calming measure reduces Latchmere Lane to a single lane road with priority given to oncoming traffic.

I think that the road is so controversial that it will never be built but that is no excuse for complacency and I am glad that residents are taking such a public stand against it.

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