29 December 2013

Closing Cassel Hospital

The "To Let" sign on the Cassel Hospital marks the end of an era. The building has had many uses in its history and now its days as a hospital appear to be over. I am not sure who will take the building on in its current configuration but I suspect that its ultimate destiny will be as part of a major housing development.

Whatever happens next the end of the hospital means the end of the little features that mark it as thus. Features like this notice.


  1. I had nowhere to live , my Mums brains were being fried in a nuthouse in Epsom Ewell , my Dad had died building Hurricanes & Harriers 3 years earlier , my Uncle James Entwistle had turned up @ the flat I'd lived in all my life & virtually said FO , my GP suggested the Cassel !

  2. Lived their met Jane , married , raised Son some & still we have junkies & drug pushers / lord chancellors / methodical cicada's $ !

  3. Was here in late 1960s.... myself, husband and 2 children. I have always regarded myself as lucky to have been referred there....after a difficult and troubled childhood and lack of good role models I learnt, to a certain extent, how to identify behaviour patterns which were making my life and that of my family, difficult and to take action to change them.

  4. Hello, I check your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!


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