7 February 2013

Neat house in Sudbrook Gardens

Sudbrook Gardens is one of those roads that goes nowhere, thanks to the detestable locked gate that prevents you from getting to Ham Gate Avenue, but that's another story. Because of this it is only the terminally curious people like myself who have a habit of looking in there. Which is a shame because some of it, like this house, is rather nice.

It is also the only places that I have been confronted by a resident in six years of recording Ham in this blog. Well, there was another case but I was on private land at that time so it was fair game. That incident was resolved amicably and I had a long chat with the confronter and still got to take my photo. In Sudbrook Gardens I waited for the lady to go and get her camera so that she could retaliate by taking a picture of me, which I was happy for her to do.

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