26 September 2012


I do not normally take close-up pictures of plants or animals as I prefer to see them in situ. For example, I am interested in the ducks on Ham Pond because they are on Ham Pond and not because they are ducks. This butterfly is a rare exception to my golden rule.

I was walking randomly though Ham Lands (randomly is always the best way to walk) somewhere near Teddington Lock when I noticed a lot of butterflies and wanted to capture the mood they brought. They would disappear in a landscape photo and they do not flock so the only way to capture this Meadow Brown was in a close-up.

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  1. When I was a kid back in the 60s/70s Ham Lands was a haven for hundreds of different types of butterflies. Red Admirals, peacocks, tortoiseshells, cabbage whites, brimstones, blues... in the summer months they were everywhere you looked! I spent many happy hours chasing them with my butterfly net :-)


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