29 May 2012

Varied leaves

For some reason the GPS was not working on my camera when I took this picture so I am not sure in which of the Petersham Open Gardens it was taken in, though, judging by the time that it was taken, it is probably in Rosebank.

Not that the location really matters - I just see it as a nice picture taken in the Ham area, and that's all that it needs to be to qualify for this blog.

Update: Thanks to Gisela (see comments) I now know that this was taken in Petersham Nurseries.


  1. There are tags in the pots, so it was probably taken in Petersham Nurseries. These plants are called Heucheras and for some reason they are never doing very well in our garden. :(

    1. Well spotted; it is Petersham Nurseries! Somehow I managed to forget that I went there after Rosebank.


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