28 February 2012

Stopping the toads

A temporary fence has been constructed along the section of Church Road that runs from Latchmere Lane to Ham Gate Avenue.

The steel mesh and wooden stakes are probably as discreet as they could be but there is nothing that can disguise the size of the fence and the visual impact is large and negative.

The good news is that it is temporary and it is there for a good reason, as the notice explains.

The fence is there to stop toads from crossing the road where the warning sign to drivers is insufficient to protect them.

Instead they get stuck near the fence where volunteers find them and carry them across the road to safety.

My simple solution would be just to close that section of road to traffic. Permanently.


  1. Do you know when volunteers will be needed in 2013 to relocate toads?

    A great project, by the way.

  2. Such a good idea to help the toads but I agree it would be even better to ban traffic altogether on that road.


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