3 March 2007

Boundary changes in Ham

When the borough boundaries were last reviewed, around 1992, some changes were made to Ham with the Parade and Parkleys being moved wholly into Richmond from Kingston (RBK).

The lower shaded area shows how the borough boundary used to cross Ham Parade and the upper shaded area shows how the boundary used to cut through Parkleys (which had not been built when the boundaries had been drawn) and even went through some of the blocks.

There is no material impact from the change though there is some confusion caused by the post codes staying the same so, for example, shops on Ham Parade have a KT2 post code which suggests that they are in Kingston.

The new boundaries still have some anomalies. On the far left of the picture you can see that Kingston still claims the north side of Dukes Avenue. The reason for this is that there is a Kingston school just along along the road there and they wanted to keep the Kingston school in Kingston, though I note that elsewhere in the Borough, Kingston's Green Lane School is actually in Sutton.

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