18 February 2007

Gordon House on Ham Common

Gordon House is typical of the Georgian houses that front onto Ham Common. It is nicely placed on the south-west side close to the pond and is strongly in contention for the claim to be the loveliest building on the Common.


  1. I saw Gordon House for the first time today. My great-great-grandfather was living in the house next-door at the time of the 1861 census, sadly 4 years before he hanged himself in the house leaving my great-grandmother as a 2 year old child. A beautiful house in a beautiful setting.

  2. My Great Grandmother gave Gordon House as her address on her marriage certificate in 1908. If anyone has any information as to who owned the property at that time (we don't think our family owned the property she may have been employed there as a seamstress/milliner) we would be very interested.


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