7 June 2016

POG2016: Elm Lodge

My simple plan was to pick just one photo of each of the twelve gardens in Petersham Open Gardens 2016 but with Elm Lodge, on Petersham Lodge, I had to pick two and even that was a big struggle.

Like many of the gardens Elm Lodge had some very different sections and these included a large play area, which all the children enjoyed, and pens housing chickens and pigs. And the more traditional parts of the garden had some surprises, like the two deer hidden in the border by the drive and the secret path by the front door guarded by two stags.

Well away from the children's play area was, in my view, the best part of the garden is the water feature at the shady side of the house.

This is a closer look at the heron in the top left of the first picture. It's not just the heron that I like here, it's the rain-rippled water, the green water plants, the red flowers and the grey stone ball. Put them all together and the combination is quite striking. 

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