28 November 2015

Beales Bros on Ham Parade

The long-time resident butcher R. Tucker closed this year on the death of the proprietor and works are now in place to convert it, I believe to yet another estate agents but I hope that is not true.

The one  bit of good news in all this is that a previous shop name, Beales Bros, has been revealed. It will be covered up again soon so I am glad that I was able to capture it before it went.


  1. I love the way you manage to be in the right place at exactly the right time to glimpse the names of former traders. Keep up the good work Matthew!

  2. I love the discovery of hidden detail in your blogs. Tucker was an old name under which the butcher's dad traded. Wonder what Beale's Bros' speciality was. Keep em coming!

  3. I worked in this shop when owned by Beales Brothers in 1962. Their head office was 225 Upper Tooting Road.

  4. I worked in this shop when it was owned by Beales Brothers in 1962-63. Their head office was at 225 upper tooting road, tooting


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