3 February 2015

Clearing up after filming

I missed the filming completely but I came across the aftermath when taking a brisk lunchtime walk and I went back again later in the day to take a longer look.

The first sign that anything unusual was happening was the large swathe of matting on the grassy area in front of the Locks Meade development that had been put there to protect the grass from heavy vehicles.

The most interesting part of the clearing-up that I saw was the removal of a set of lights from the island. This required the use of a crane mounted on the front of a boat.

The bridge has obviously, and understandably, used for filming and the remains of a platform were still there. The bridge was still open to pedestrians despite the equipment and the work going on to remove it.

I have no idea what was being filmed but perhaps later in the year I'll watch something on TV and be surprised to see bits of Ham in it, as I was with The Boy in the Dress on New Year's Day.


  1. It was a film that's out in the summer with Morgan freeman in. Can't remember what it's called

    1. IMDB says that Morgan freeman is currently filming "London Has Fallen" so it could be that.

  2. It was the filming of " now you see me" part 2 with Michael Cane, Daniel Radcliffe etc


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