17 June 2014

Petersham House in Petersham Open Gardens 2014

Petersham House is not one of my favourite gardens but I keep going to it anyway and I was there again for Petersham Open Gardens 2014.

It is a garden in three parts and the main reason for visiting it is to see the long border that runs away from the house and past the nurseries which are behind the hedge on the right. Unfortunately the path goes nowhere and having reached the far end there is nothing to do but turn round and go back.

The large lawn at the back of the house is enclosed by the tall brick walls that are a major feature in that area, notably at Ham House and the walls that surround it. The wall furthest from the house has another larger border but this one is divided in to segments by hedges.

These borders have substantial and varied plants that could almost convince you that they are not planned and managed.

Looking across the lawn puts it in context with the house and also shows why I think that the garden could do a little more. The hedges are nice but the lawn lacks focus. It is about the only garden like this that does not have at least a pond.

The kitchen gardens lies beyond the hedge at the back of the previous photo and while its purpose is to be productive I also find it attractive, mainly because it is full of odd things that looks as though they have been heavily used.

Also in that part of the garden is a large chicken-run with a neat if uneven roof, the colour of which contrasts cutely with the sprinkling of red flowers.

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