29 June 2013

M 3 OSM gets it all wrong

My exposes of bad parking in Ham only show the very worst examples that I come across and M 3 OSM's behaviour on Ham Parade this morning was certainly that.

These are the double yellow lines outside of Wendy's Workshop but parking on them is not of itself bad enough to warrant an appearance here as, sadly, so many people abuse those restrictions. What makes M 3 OSM's crimes noteworthy are the angle at which it is parked (making it hard for other cars to turn in to Parkley's Parade) and the almost illegibility of the number plate.

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  1. The constant parking outside of Wendys Workshop by (mainly) Gregg's customers is dreadful. So many times I have seen some very near misses where pedestrians coming off the zebra crossing have come close to being reversed into by the illegally parked cars leaving or when attempting to cross the access road to get to the zebra. Cars driving down the access road can't see them until its too late if there is a car or van parked there. Sadly, Richmond Council agreed to put measures in place to stop the illegal parking but have since backtracked.


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