12 March 2011

A fence and two fields

The flecks of blue in the middle of the picture are The Thames and just before that is the bustling towpath busy with walkers who compete for space in the pot-holed and muddy path that links Richmond and Kingston.

The route I prefer to take is through the two small fields that fill the space between Ham Polo and the river. This path links the larger paths by Ham House and Douglas Footpath each with their unnecessarily obtrusive foot bridges. I find this way a lot prettier and I also like that it is a lot quieter too, so much so that it is unusual to see anybody else using it.

The western field (on the left here) is home to some horses who seem to be bored with people and they pay you no attention whatsoever as you intrude on their living quarters. The other field is wild and messy, in a nice way, and has no purpose other than to be a natural habitat.

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