26 February 2011

Boundary trees

The great beauty of Ham comes from the open spaces that surround it with Richmond Park to the east, the Ham Lands that follow the river on the west and north and the sports fields of the Hawker Centre to the south.

Cutting through Ham from east to west is a green corridor that includes Ham Common Woods, Ham Common and Great South Avenue with the playing fields of Grey Court School either side of it.

Crossing Sandy Lane we reach a thick tongue of Ham Lands that has broken away from the river and swept pass the minor obstructions of Ham House, Ham Polo and the German School before reaching the impassable barrier of the road.

Marking that barrier is a firm line of proud trees that do their best to hide the buildings of Ham. Behind them are the bushes butchered last year that are hoping to make a comeback. In the background is The Copse doing its best to look like the Wild Wood but the truth is it holds no fears and is actually quite charming once you get inside.

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