1 April 2021

This should not be a parking space

For reasons that escape me, The double yellow lines that mark the junction of Broughton Avenue and Lock Road stop short of the footpath that leads directly to the bus stop and to the path to Teddington. Or there should be a dropped kerb there.

Either way, it should not be permitted to park here, blocking the route for pedestrians.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with your photo here, as some drivers have no respect by blocking access of pedestrian, etc. But, you cannot blame this driver, as the double yellow line is too short, etc.
    I have noted many of your photo’s shows allegedly drivers have parked their cars illegally, etc.
    Could you please clarify what your photos intend to achieve on your blog - What is the purposes?
    Would it be beneficial for the community as whole and your own time to issue these photo’s (with record of timing of allege offence) say to Kingston Council traffic enforcement, so they could have a word with these drivers?
    I would really like to know, if you would endorse my recommendation here?
    Many Thanks!


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