30 March 2021

More trees gone

I posted a picture of this small plot of land in Royal Park Gate back in January when some lines of the grass suggested that something was going to happen, and now it has. Unfortunately it is bad news.

The trees shown in my previous photo have gone leaving scars in the grass to show their passing. I have simply no idea why this was done or even who did it. I presume that the land is managed by Kingston Council but that does not mean that they did the damage.

Update: I'll leave the original text above as it stands as a historical record but I now more about this patch of land. Despite being designated as Open Space by Kingston Council It is actually owned by 39 Wittering Close, which is behind the vegetation strewn wall on the left. It changed hands a couple of years ago and since then the new owner has made several land grabs to get this patch included in their garden which, so far, Kingston Council have managed to rebut, and long may they do so. It is the new owner who earlier marked out lines here, for a proposed wall, and who removed the trees.

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