18 November 2017

Low tide at the weir

I love the way the the Thames is allowed to rise and fall to its full extent every November as it looks very different when it is almost drained of water. Then a lot of the river bed is exposed and it looks possible to walk across in places like at the end of River Lane.

The Weir looks very different too with all the constructed parts exposed.

16 November 2017

The end of Empire Foods

Empire Foods, on the corner of Ham Common, looked reasonably busy most of the times that I walked past there over the Summer but now it has closed. The top end of the Parade has struggled to find visitors (two shops on the other side of the road are being replaced by houses) so it is possible that it will remain empty for a while.

14 November 2017

Now you see it, now you don't

The plot between Ham Library and the new Huf Haus in Ham Street is being redeveloped and that means clearing the site first. I took this picture on 29 October when most of the ground had been cleared but most of the house was still standing,

Then on 10 November the house had gone too. With nothing left on the site it is easier to appreciate just how big it is. There looks to be plenty of room for the two houses that I believe are coming.

13 November 2017

A feast of parakeets (or starlings)

I was walking across Ham Village Green when I was struck at how so many parakeets had clustered in one tree.

I took this photo without any zoom to show the tree in context and because I liked the sky behind them.

12 November 2017

Rebuilding a mid-terrace house

I knew that the rebuilding of this modest property in Upper Ham Road was going to be a big job but I did not expect it to be this big. The old house has gone completely, even the front wall that I presumed would be kept.

Peering through the letter box shows that none of the former house remains. It also shows that a basement is being carved out at the back.

I do not understand the economics of doing so much to such a small sight and I am looking forward to seeing what sort of building rises to fill the space.

11 November 2017

Mrs Leir Head Teacher

While the Russell School is being substantially remodelled there are temporary arrangements in place for staff parking.

10 November 2017

Makeover completed in New Road

After months of extensive work it looks as though this substantial makeover (and small extension) in New Road has been completed. It looks rather neat but I think that if I was doing that much work to it then I would have built a larger extension.

9 November 2017

Another tree has gone

The sawdust is clear evidence that a tree used to live here in Meadlands Drive, close to its junction with Sandy Lane. I hope it is replaced soon.

8 November 2017

The first part of Richmond Chase is almost ready

Progress is slow but the first phase of Richmond Chase is almost ready and as it does so it is starting to look a little bit more interesting, or at least a little less bland.

The flatness of the frontage is broken up by the porches and the bleakness of the paved front gardens by the fences and little touches of planting.

The far end, furthest from Church Road, follows the same scheme but here the block is set back creating long uninteresting paved areas more suitable for parking buses than cars.

7 November 2017

R60 RTT and BP57 JSZ make things difficult

Double Yellow Lines are an obvious visual sign that you really should not park there, signs that R60 RTT has chosen to ignore. This is the entrance to Ham Common from Upper Ham Road which is an awkward junction in both directions. The yellow lines are there for a reason.

Making things worse BP57 JSZ has chosen to park on the Double Yellow Lines on the other side of the road and to do so with the back end sticking out.

6 November 2017

Rebuilding a garden

I had hoped that some of the heavily overgrown garden in Burnell Avenue would survive the necessary rebuilding of house and garden but it has been totally cleared. Now I hope that a lovely new garden will appear in its place.

3 November 2017

Another lost garden

Sadly, lost gardens is becoming something of a theme and here is another one. This one is in Ashburnham Road.

24 October 2017

Teddington Lock

Every now and then I like to return to some of Ham's landmarks just as a reminder that they are there as it is easy to take these things for granted. Teddington Lock is one of those landmarks and this view of it from the footbridge is one that inspires me most mornings as I walk to work.

23 October 2017

Taking shape

Now that the roof is being constructed the size and scale of the rebuild at the end of Sudbrook Gardens is becoming obvious, and it is big. But then it is in a road of big houses. 

22 October 2017

Ham Common Woods

Ham Common Woods is a lovely place to go for a walk, it's just a shame that there is not more of it to enjoy and that Ham Gate Avenue cuts through the middle of it.

At least there are plenty of twisting paths that mean that long and pleasant routes can be conjured from a small space.

19 October 2017

Stylish house in Ham Farm Road

Ham Farm Road has several stylish houses and I had been wanting to take a picture of this one for some time following its minor refresh but that refresh left a skip on the drive for a frustratingly long time. Finally the skip was taken away and I got my picture.

18 October 2017

No unauthorised parking across the driveway

I pass this spot several times a week on the walk to work and the van always annoys me. The sign on the garage door says "No unauthorised parking across the driveway" which is somewhat inconsistent given that the van is parked on the pavement.

17 October 2017

New door

The entrance to Physioextra was replaced some weeks ago and I had been waiting for them to paint it before posting a picture. They've gone for a look that says residential rather than commercial and it suits the old building because of that.

16 October 2017

Exploring paths around Lawrence Road

Ham is rich with pathways between roads and these vary from the paved and well maintained paths in Wates Estate to the grassy routes through the older developments. There are several of these in and around Lawrence Road.

This is the path from Dukes Avenue with Lawrence Road on the left. While this one looks used, and is certainly usable, that is only true part of the way, about where the white shed is. There the path turns left, that bit is passable, and also continues on ahead but that bit is completely overgrown. 

15 October 2017

Another lost garden

The white fence is nice and so is the low white wall in front of the house. I like the colour of the paving too but I do not like the way that it covers the whole of the front garden as it gives it a very stark look. This is particularly incongruous in this section of Ham Street where most of the cottages have pretty gardens.

14 October 2017

New doors at Linden House and Studio

I remarked recently that Linden House on Ham Street had been the happy recipient of a new coat of white paint and now it has got new front doors front and back too.

The front door is a stern black and has three locks.

At the back, on Wiggins Lane, is the entrance to Linden House Studio. The doors are teal and almost as stern looking as the front door due to the lack of decoration and the horizontal lines. I love the handles though.

13 October 2017

Shed by Ham House

I have always found this shed in Ham Street attractive and this time something about the scene made it even more so. The white pipes certainly helped.

12 October 2017

Crossing Ham Lands

Crossing Ham Lands on paths like this is one of the main attractions of living in Ham while working in Teddington. Actually,  walking along paths like this for the simple pleasure of doing so is one of the main attractions of living in Ham.

11 October 2017

Improving access to Ham Common Woods

The footpath into Ham Common Woods from Ham Gate Avenue used to consist of a steep step that was awkward for pedestrians and difficult for cyclists but that has now been fixed with ramps on either side of the new pavement.

10 October 2017

Garages in Kingfisher Drive

Ham is pleasingly littered with block of garages and they can be found in various developments of various ages across the area. These are at the end of Kingfisher Drive and so are on the boundary of Wates Estate.

The footpath to Teddington Footbridge from Hardwicke Road runs behind these garages but, sadly, there is no way through.

9 October 2017

High tide at Teddington Weir

I was walking back home from work and had just got on to Teddington Footbridge when I noticed that the tide was particularly high. The island in the centre is always a good marker of the river level as a beach is exposed at low tide.

To judge the height of the tide better I zoomed in on the weir to see how much of a drop there was between the two levels and there was not much of a drop at all. it looked to be little more than an inch. I was probably not there when the tide was at its highest either.

Looking across to the main sluices and the near parity between the two levels was even more obvious.

8 October 2017

NJ53 NXZ goes the wrong way

The No Entry sign on the slip road behind Ham Parade is very obvious but NJ53 NXZ has chosen to ignore it in looking for somewhere to park. This selfishness will cause problems when they have to reverse out into Tudor Drive.

30 September 2017

Wall repairs

The wall around the Ham House estate is one of the largest and most prominent locally and this section, as it passes The Palm Centre has recently had a substantial repair. It is clearly not the first time that the wall has had to be repaired, the mix of bricks shows that, and I suspect that before too long these repairs will blend in with all the others.

29 September 2017

Richmond Chase Phase 2

While it is not possible to go into the part of the site where the construction is happening it is possible to see it from Latchmere Close. The town houses are at an interesting stage with the roof structures visible.

28 September 2017

Wild flowers on Ham Street and Riverside Drive

I am pretty sure that I posted a picture of these flowers last year but that is no reason for not doing so again.

These delightful flowers are on the corner of Ham Street and Riverside Drive and this is the view looking from Ham Street to Riverside Drive. The flowers look great, the cars do not.

The view from Riverside Drive is better and this closeup shows the variety of flowers in the bed.

27 September 2017

A feast of fungi

In one of my regular walks through Ham Common Woods I noticed this tree stump thick with fungi. Actually, it could be only one fungus but I am not an expert on such things. It is not the biology that interested me, it was the structures.

26 September 2017

A neat garden in Sudbrook Lane

This house in Sudbrook Lane is pretty enough and I think the garden is even prettier. It made me stop and admire it as I was walking briskly past, which I was happy to do.

25 September 2017

Back to Richmond Chase

Richmond Chase is a large development and it will take several years so I am making regular trips there and will be doing so for some time yet.

Only a small part of the site is accessible currently so most of my attention is on the blocks facing Latchmere Close. The blocks were finished a little while ago and now work is being done on their frontages. The fences are a good addition as they break up the monotony of the facade.

Opposite the blocks the open space is taking shape and from this angle there is a good view of the slide (centre) and the large stone (left).

24 September 2017

226 Petersham Road

226 Petersham Road has kept me entertained for many months as I have watched progress on the house from the top of the 65 bus. I was expecting that work to continue to include the frontage on to Petersham Road, and perhaps it will, but at the moment it is a charming muddle of materials that, to be honest, I find more interesting than the house behind it.

22 September 2017

Royal Park Gate Play Area

The Play Area in Royal Park Gate is oddly situated outside of the development (oddly because it would serve families better if it was in the middle) and has been largely unaltered since it was installed just over twenty years ago. If was probably due an update and now Kingston Council is consulting on some proposed changes.

21 September 2017

Demolishing The Russell School

With the work on the new school building complete, or almost complete, the old building is being demolished. I will miss it. Both of my boys went to school there.

20 September 2017

New door for Beaufort Cottage

Walking along Ham Street the other day I saw that Beaufort Cottage was in the process of getting a new door on to Ham Street. On that day the door was still raw and unfurnished.

I went back a couple of days later to check on progress and the work was completed, the door had been varnished and had acquired a name plate, a handle and a small lock.