19 September 2017

Fox House refreshed

Fox Cottage looks much like it always did but a close look reveals that a lot of work has been done to the front of the house. The windows have been repaired, the cracks in the wall have been filled and both have been repainted.

18 September 2017

Overgrown garden in Burnell Avenue

This house in Burnell Avenue had been empty for quite a while and the garden has taken advantage of that. The house has now been sold and I hope that the new owner takes a sympathetic approach to reclaiming the front garden and leaves many of the plants in place and just trims them enough to make the house accessible.

17 September 2017

Early Autumn

One of the (many) pleasures in walking around Ham is seeing how Autumn changes leaves red in different places at different times. This year Langham House was the first to take the plunge.

16 September 2017

Progress in Bainbridge Close

So far the new house in Bainbridge Close looks promising, so much more so that Latchmere Lodge next door.

13 September 2017

St. Andrews House

St. Andrews House is an unusual building on Upper Ham Road, It is unusual in design and function, being an office. It has just been refurbished and repainted. It looks The sign on the left reveals why; it is now looking for new tenants. 

12 September 2017

New entrance to Malden Oaks

I was working to work down Dukes Avenue when I saw work starting on building a new entrance to Malden Oaks, the site which used to be Dysart School. At first the width of it had me worried that they were building a second drive and in an awkward location.

Later that day (after work) I was pleased to see that it was only going to be a footpath with the timbers in position to hold the surface in place.

A day or so later it was (almost) done. The path was finished and there was a new fence in place. There was only the new grass to do and that is now there. I would photograph that too but grass is boring.

11 September 2017

Monitoring South Corner

I keep a regular eye on progress at South Corner despite being often thwarted by closed gates and parked vehicles on the drive. Sometimes the view is clear and there is usually something new to see. This time it was the emergence of a garage to the side of the house.

10 September 2017

Mother and child

This delightful couple live in the corner of a garden in Burnell Avenue. They are hard to find but it is worth the effort.

9 September 2017

Remodelled house in Sandy Lane

This house in Sandy Lane, on the South side near the junction with Arlington Road, has been completely remodelled, either by a new owner or by a developer. The house I quite like, especially the window to the stairs, the barren garden not so much.

8 September 2017


There are wide spaces at the junction of Dukes and Broughton Avenues, spaces for trees, lots of grass and a clump of poppies. They were literally buzzing this evening as I walked past and there with hordes of insects make use of the flowers.

7 September 2017

Modern house in Sandy Lane

One of the most interesting modern houses in Ham is next to the playground toward the west end of the road. Sadly it is well screened and this is all that can be seen of it but at least that is enough to show its character.

6 September 2017

Wilmer House

This is another one of those photos that I thought I had posted years ago only to find that I had only posted one of the gate. Anyway, this is Wilmer House and it sits in the quiet bit of Church Road that runs between Latchmere Lane and Ham Gate Avenue. One of our local celebrities lives here.

5 September 2017

Pleasant garden in Burnell Avenue

Burnell Avenue seems to go through more changes than any other road in Ham and there are always two or three houses that are being extended or refurbished. This is one of the houses that has had major works recently and while the bold blue doors may be the most striking feature it is the garden that impressed me the most, even though it was not quite finished when I took this picture.

The design is nicely modern with interesting shapes, materials, structures and colours. Pride of place goes to the driveway which is functional, pretty and friendly to the environment.

4 September 2017

Letting the grass grow

I appreciate that the combination of warmth and rain helps plants to grow but I do not recall the grass area running through Royal Park Gate ever being allowed to grow this while. However, I suspect that has more to do with Kingston Council's miserly approach to public works.

The broad leaf weeds are firmly established and there is not likely to be much grass left when they do get around to cutting it.

The little grey mark in the middle of the picture is a "No Ball Games" sign made redundant by the ball-swallowing vegetation around it.

2 September 2017

Landscaping at Richmond Chase

Most of the site at Richmond Chase is still off-limits as the construction continues but the work at the west end of the site is clearly visible and this includes that landscaping of the green space that was there before the building works started.

I am pleased to see that the landscaping includes building some mounds. There is a slide being installed on one of them and I am sure that small children will also enjoy the simple pleasures of running, rolling and tumbling on them.

1 September 2017

Ham Lands

Every so often I like to post another picture of Ham Lands just as a reminder of how lovely it is.

31 August 2017

Hidden box

This shabby, yet handsome, box hides an electricity substation. The site itself is also well hidden as it lies on a little used track that runs from Lawrence Road to Lock Road.

30 August 2017

A large extension in Hardwicke Road

Yet another extension, this time in the Wates Estate on the corner of Hardwicke Road and Simpson Road. While it is far too early to judge what visual impact the substantial development will have on the area it is clear that it is being done with some thought.

The reason for taking this picture early in the process was to show the brickwork on the front of the extension which has the grey bricks at the bottom of the wall laid so that they for triangular projections from the wall. I like little touches like that as they can enliven the ordinary to make it special.

Update: Since taking this photo, on a further walk past to check on progress I had a long and useful conversation with the owner. I admire what he is trying to do and hope that the finished result lives up to that aspiration.

29 August 2017

Attractive garden in Lock Road

I think I have pointed out a few gardens that I do not like recently, mostly because there is nothing left other than a driveway, so it is good to redress the balance by showing something nice.

This garden in Lock Road is simple and does everything right. Most of the garden is left to vegetation and while there is a lot of lawn there are also several things to break the monotony of grass. The crooked tree by the front door being just one example.

I also like the stained glass in the door and the small window next to it.

28 August 2017

Remodelling an extension

In the continuing story of extensions in the area, this one is a little different. This house on the corner of Ham Street and Wiggins Lane already had an extension, one with a pitched roof, and I am not sure if that one has been replaced or reworked.

The new lines look good and I like the way that the extension mirrors the lines of dark brick in front of it.

27 August 2017

Clearing out the Village Market

The Village Market has been closed for a while but, as with other shop closures in recent years, there is no great rush for anything to happen to the premises once the old shop has closed. After a few weeks some attempt is being made to clear up inside and the shop is pretty empty now.

26 August 2017

From pink to grey

This house on the prominent junction of Sandy Lane and Clifford Road used to be a striking pink which made it irritatingly visible from a long distance, such as when travelling on a 65 up Petersham Road. It changed hands recently and the new owners have wisely changed it from pink to grey.

They have made other changes too and the overall appearance is fresh and modern, despite the obvious period shape. I like it.

25 August 2017

Brick pillars in Sheridan Road

I owe this one to Richard Woolf who mentioned these unusual brick pillars in his talk on Modern architect in Ham. It just goes to show that you can wander around with eyes wide open looking for things and still miss them. My excuse is that there are only a few pillars like this in the road and that they are often at least partially obscured by cars.

The design is simple (a change of colour, a stepped top and a triangle at the summit) and very effective. It just goes to show how much impact little things can have.

24 August 2017

Another extension

2017 seems to be the year for extensions and there are so many that I am finding it hard t track them all. That is my excuse for not remembering exactly where this is (the GPS on my camera is erratic and does not know where this is either) but I do know that it is in the Meadlands Drive / Buckingham Road area.

It is quite a large extension when compared to the size of the original house so it will be interesting to see what impact it has on the area when it is completed. It is encouraging that they have tried to match the brickwork and have done a reasonable job at it.

23 August 2017

57 Ham Street

This is another photo that I had to wait a long time to take, and it was worth it.

I wanted to capture the view through the railings of the new Huf Haus in Ham Street but was prevented by the post box that still had the raw rough wood holding it in place. Finally the wood was removed and the post box was given the freedom it deserved.

The delay had its good point as the garden had grown in the meantime and was already impressive.

22 August 2017

Black and white

I have been trying to capture this black and white house towards the back of Cedar Drive for a long time but have always been frustrated by parked cars or bad light. I finally took this picture in desperation as, once again, I was unable to take one of the main entrance, this time because of people standing there.

I was keen to capture it this time because the front wall had been repainted and looked all the better for that.

21 August 2017

Moving a wall

One of the more interesting things that I learned from Keith Mulberry's excellent talk on local history to Ham United Group at Ham Village Centre (Royal Oak) was that Sandy Lane was a narrow lane until after the wall. To widen the road, the high wall around The Manor House was moved back a few metres. The stub of the old wall was left as a reminder.

20 August 2017

A new sign for The Hand and Flower

The Hand and Flower has changed again with new owners, new fixtures and fittings, new menu and also a new sign. I think that it is pretty but it lacks impact.

19 August 2017

End of terrace

Meadlands Drive, like the roads around it, consists of long rows of uniform brick housing. This property has taken advantage of its end of terrace position to try and pretend that it is something else but the houses around it tell the truth. Instead of looking special it looks out of place.

16 August 2017

Rebuilding 21 Sudbrook Gardens

Most of 21 Sudbrook Gardens was demolished and now the replacement building is taking shape. The hoardings are substantial but enough of the new house sticks up above them for the scale of it to be seen and it is clearly bigger than the house it replaces.

The lock in the gates serves as a handy peephole and is also large enough to push a pocket camera through. So I did, though the large vehicle to the left still blocked the view of part of the house. Perhaps I will have better luck next time.

15 August 2017

Chinese bridge

I have wanted to show this bridge for several years but every time I had trekked to the far end of Cedar Heights there has been something preventing me, usually the light, and so I was pleased to get this one. It is not perfect by any means but it will do.

Unfortunately the bridge goes nowhere and Cedar Heights is a frustrating no-through-road. Bute Avenue lies just beyond the bridge and it would be lovely to connect those two roads.

14 August 2017

Linden House

Linden House is on Ham Street just north of its junction with Sandy Lane. It can be easily overlooked because it has Beaufort House nearby and The Manor House opposite, which is a shame as it is a delightful building in its own right. That is especially true when the white paint has been redone and the sun is shining.

13 August 2017

Behind Lawrence Road

Many roads in Ham have paths that run behind the houses and I like to explore them even though they often have dead ends that force me to retrace my steps. This path runs behind Lawrence Road on the north side and also goes nowhere, unlike the similar path on the south side, off Langham Gardens, that rejoins Lawrence Road.

12 August 2017

Put out more flags

I have used the heading "Put out more flags" before and I like it so much that I am using it again. It is, of course, a homage to Evelyn Waugh.

These flags are in the middle of Parkleys (the development) where Marlow, Spenser and Brooke Courts meet. This is my favourite part of Parkleys because of the courtyards between the block. The picture above is taken from one of those courtyards looking south. Parkleys (the road) is just past the hedges in the centre of the picture.

This is taken from the middle of the previous picture and is looking back towards where that was taken. Here the row of country flags continues so give us places like Slovakia and Spain.

11 August 2017

Garden at Glencorse in Church Road

The shop of the same name has gone from Ham Parade but Glencorse the house is still there on Church Road and its front garden looked particularly attractive this day. The house is quite nice too though it fails to stand out in a road with several impressive houses.

10 August 2017

Resurfacing Ham Parade and Upper Ham Road

Not a great picture because it was dark and raining but I wanted to log the work for future reference. That is how I know that the stretch of road to the north of this was resurfaced in March 2014 and Dukes Avenue in August the same year.

9 August 2017

Connecting South Corner

I have been following the rebuilding of South Corner on Upper Ham Road since February (six months) and that has been an often frustrating time as on most of my walks past either the gates have been closed or their have been large vehicles parked on the long drive obstructing views of the house. Both of these were cleared, briefly, when the house was connected to the mains running along the road.

The trench and pipes were interesting enough in their own right and it was a bonus to see a roof starting to appear at the side of the house.

8 August 2017

New benches

I was expecting these benches to arrive but it was pure co-incidence that they were being installed as I was walking past. Just beyond the van a man was busy bolting down the second one. They are very welcome.

7 August 2017

Rebuilding The Russell

I have been trying to follow the extensive redevelopment of The Russell School in Petersham for many months but most of the development has been taking place in the middle of the large site and on the north side so can only be glimpsed through the tickets lining the track to Ham Polo.

Evidence of the construction works fills the site and this is the view from the main pedestrian entrance off Petersham Road.

6 August 2017

Remembering David Bowie

As somebody who bought the album Aladdin Sane on the day it came out I heartily approve of this homage to David Bowie.

5 August 2017

Bare ground

A lot of the development of Richmond Chase is still going on behind high boards but the work on the west of the site, facing Latchmere Close, has almost completed. The exteriors of the three blocks of flats are finished and now they are working on the area in front of them.

I hope that something interesting appears because, at the moment, it looks like a terraced street in an urban area thanks to the unimaginative uniformity of the frontages.

4 August 2017

Round window

I do not know how many windows there are in Royal Park Gate, a few thousand I guess, but I do know how many round windows there are. It's one. I am not impressed.

3 August 2017

Peels is no more

The small parade of shops on Ashburnham Road / Ham Street has had a few changes in recent years but Peels has been one of the constants. Until now.

It was a very specialised shop and I never had cause to go there though it was always something that I considered doing as I have plain glass in my front door. Now I will not have that chance.

At least the shop ended on a high. They provided the historical map of Ham that decorates one of the front windows in the new Ham Village Centre.

2 August 2017

Colourful house in Sheridan Road

Sheridan Road is not that well connected geographically and so I only walk along there once or twice a year. This time I was pleasantly surprised by this colourful house.