12 November 2017

Rebuilding a mid-terrace house

I knew that the rebuilding of this modest property in Upper Ham Road was going to be a big job but I did not expect it to be this big. The old house has gone completely, even the front wall that I presumed would be kept.

Peering through the letter box shows that none of the former house remains. It also shows that a basement is being carved out at the back.

I do not understand the economics of doing so much to such a small sight and I am looking forward to seeing what sort of building rises to fill the space.

Update: I have been told that this property, which is in a Conservation Area and is listed as a building of Townscape Merit, has been demolished without permission. I've had a look at the LBRuT website and all I can see is an application to convert the property, nothing about demolishing it. If it has been demolished without permission then somebody should go to jail for it.

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