24 March 2019

Neat extension in Burnell Avenue

This extension in Burnell Avenue is almost complete and has revealed its design. And it is a good design too. Perhaps it benefited from looking at the many other extensions in the road to see what works and does not but, whatever the reason this is definitely one of the better ones.

I like the the small windows in the extension that provide additional light to the new room and also make it look a little less like an extension. I also like the way that all the windows have been replaced with a matching design and that design has some character.

23 March 2019

Sudbrook Lodge at night

I do not often take photos at night and it was the illumination on the front of Sudbrook Lodge that persuaded me to take one this time. The increased contrast emphases the symmetry of the lodge and that is what makes it so attractive.

22 March 2019

New project in Manston Grove

The houses in Royal Park Gate are under thirty years old but may of them have had work done to them, which in most cases has been loft and/or garage conversions. This work in Manston Grove looks more substantial and I will be interested to see how it turns out.

21 March 2019

Cutting back in Manston Grove

One of the areas where the recent major cutting back in Royal Park Gate is most obvious is in Manston Grove, one of the no-through-roads running off Horsley Drive. The bushes had been regularly trimmed into large box shapes about a meter high and wide and now the height has been reduced dramatically and they have been cut back a shade to keep the pavement-less road clear.

The bushes on the other side of the road have been treated a little more kindly and so give a better impression of what they looked like before being shorn of all greenery.

20 March 2019

New project in Lock Road

This house in Lock Road recently changed hands and it looks as though the new owner has major plans for it. I hope that something good will be revealed when the black hoarding is removed.

19 March 2019

Grey Heron

It is not that unusual to see a Heron around Teddington Lock though it was very nice to see one right in the heart of the lock with matching grey steps behind it.

18 March 2019

Fixing something in Cave Road

It does not seem that long since the fire escape was added to the end of this block of flats in Cave Road and now the substantial scaffolding suggests that something major needs fixing in that area.

17 March 2019

Behind Beaufort Court

There are two sides to Beaufort Court, the front sides have lovely curved balconies and it is these that normally appear in photographs but I like the back sides too, especially when the crisp early Spring sun is upon them.

These windows face south-west towards the river and across Ham Lands and it seems a shame that the balconies are on the other side.