7 February 2023

T H Sanders

One of the things that I like to do here is to capture the small changes that build up over the years to change the area and while I would like to do a before and after of the T H Sanders revamp I am hampered by never having posted a picture of it before.

Luckily I caught the work while it was still in progress and the red sign on the right is one of the originals that is being replaced with green ones.

6 February 2023

Gate works

A couple of years ago I posted pictures of all the doors in this alleyway that runs behind the Fox and Duck to avoid Tommy Steele Corner and now this one is being rebuilt. The new bricks around the frame suggest that this work is being taken seriously and that bodes well for the finished product which I will, of course, post once it is done.

5 February 2023

Out of place fence

Behind this rather obvious fence is an unusual plot of land that used to have a dilapidated hut with an interesting that includes Ham Horticultural Society and Thames Landscape Strategy. The hut has gone and I am not sure what the new fence is protecting.

The fence blocks access to the site so I guess it is only temporary and whoever owns the plot has some plans for it.

4 February 2023

An excuse

I have long admired the loft room in this house in Sudbrook Lane with its floor to roof glass on the gable facing the road but I have avoided peering into a private room. This time the privacy was protected by the scaffolding and the reflection of trees, and besides, I am always interested in scaffolding and that was all the excuse that I needed.

3 February 2023

Pumping Station refresh

The doors of Ham Pumping Station (at the end of the Lock Road spur that includes Lock Road Surgery) used to be a tired green colour and the new blue look is a big improvement.

2 February 2023

Toad patrollers on Ham Common

Toad Patrol signs have been a regular feature on Ham Farm Road for several years and while I have seen toad patrollers working on Ham Common before this is the first time that I have seen signs there too.

1 February 2023

Curled iron

These fine gates opposite The Russell School on Petersham Road almost get lost in the detail of the house and gardens. It was a struggle to find a decent angle to photograph them from and I am not sure that I succeeded.

30 January 2023


Clifford Road has sprung a leak. It is not much of a leak but you can tell from the waves at the bottom of the picture that the water is flowing fairly briskly.

You can also just about see (you may need to zoom in) some blue pain on the grass at the far end which I presume is the marking for where work needs to be done.

29 January 2023

Bin store door

I do not think that this bin store in Sudbrook Lane is new but the door to it clearly is. It looks a little too new at the moment, and maybe a little too red, but weather is a wonderful equaliser and it should improve quickly.