20 June 2021

Established path replaces trees

Six years ago the vegetation in Ham Common Woods along the south side of Ham Gate Avenue was cut back severely and I worried then that doing so would allow a path to become established in what used to be woodland. Sadly that has happened and a new wide path runs along the complete length of Ham Gate Avenue at the expense of the many trees that used to grow there.

19 June 2021

A side look at 8 Sandy Lane

One of my frustrations is not being able to see major building projects until they rise above the hoardings around the site so it was nice to find that the side of 8 Sandy Lane, along Clifford Road, with just a simple mesh fence allowing a full view of the site.

It also gives a good view of the recently remodelled number 6 which must already be wondering why it is so much smaller than its new neighbour.

18 June 2021

Rose gardens

My regular walk to the Swiss Baker and back has been enlivened by this display of roses from two adjacent properties in Broughton Avenue.

17 June 2021

Bold garden

With so much building going on it is nice to be able to feature a pretty garden to balance things a little and the front garden at 253 Petersham Road which makes me pause every time that I walk past it.

And when I have walked past I turn around to look at it again from a different angle.

16 June 2021

Behind 163 Dukes Avenue

I went to have a look at 163 Dukes Avenue because a planning application had been submitted for various extensions there, one of which is to replace this  clearly disused garage with a study that extends across the whole of the plot. This gave me the opportunity to take a "before" picture with the hope of an "after" picture to come.

I was a little surprised to see work going on well before the planning application was approved but that is not that unusual these days for reasons that I do not understand. Perhaps developers think that they can get away with it until neighbours complain and force them to go through due process.

15 June 2021

VN10 CCV blocks the crossing

The dropped kerb is there to allow people to cross the road easily, not to provide a parking space for the driver of VN10 CCV.

Large gate

A few years ago I followed the substantial extension of Latch House off Ham Farm Road and then I walked down this track a lot. I am pretty sure that there was not a gate there then, or if there was it was never closed.

There is definitely a gate there now and it is fairly intimidating, which I guess is the point. Latch House is all but hidden behind it.