26 November 2020

New frontage in New Road

Every walk down New Road is rewarding thanks to its pleasant mix of pleasant cottages and sometimes there is something new to see too. This time I caught the early days of a building project that looks to be making substantial changes to the front of the house.

24 November 2020

Buckingham Road CPZ

There is a story behind this sign that I do not know.

This is a spur off Buckingham Road and I do not know why this section is a private road rather than a normal highway. I also do not know, but could have a reasonable guess, why the residents felt it advantageous to have their own Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Parking issues generally have to be pretty bad before residents are prepared to pay for their own spaces. My reasonable guess is that parking is an issue in that area generally due to the presence of two schools nearby.

As the road is private so is the CPZ.

22 November 2020

Herrick Court

There is always work being done somewhere in Parkleys and one of the current projects is to replace the wooden structures across the fronts of some of the blocks, including Herrick Court.

You can tell that this is Herrick Court because the name is on the sign next to the entrance but it used to also be on the plank at the front, as shown in this photograph. I hope, and expect, that the name will reappear in due course but I wanted to capture the time when it was missing.

21 November 2020

New railings at Teddington Lock

I had to go back to 2012 to find a picture of the low fence that used to separate the lock from the towpath to put the new railings in context. Compared to what was there before the new railings are markedly different, being taller and more substantial, but compared to the other railings on the site the only difference is that these are black whereas the others are grey, as you can see on the other side of the barge lock.

I have no idea how the seemingly continuous works at Teddington Lock are justified but it must be said that they are making  good job of it all.

19 November 2020

Sandpits update

Progress on the rebuild in Sandpits Road is steady and while the front of the house is still hidden the side view remains promising.

Confusingly the bricks immediately behind the boards are not part of the house, they are just piled there waiting to be used. The front of the house is the yellow section between the stock pile and the doorway and this looks here to be a slightly different colour to the rest, which is redder. This may be deliberate and it may be effective, it is just something to look at again as the work continues.

17 November 2020

23A/B/C Clifford Road

I keep wandering up Clifford Road to check on the new houses being built there only to be frustrated by a barrier that has been installed at the entrance to the site. At least there was a new letter box to discover and, with it, confirmation of the new house numbers.

16 November 2020

LS66 LJC blocks crossing

Under other circumstances I may have chosen to show the van because of its distinctive paint work but LS66 LJC gets featured here because it is parked across the dropped kerb that marks a busy pedestrian crossing place.

If that was not bad enough, there were two policemen queuing for Rowleys who did nothing about this. A quick word with the driver would probably have sufficed, doing nothing did not.