16 April 2015

A side of Ham House

The combination of Spring and my increased walking means that I pop into Ham House more often that I used to. As a National Trust member it costs nothing (extra) to go there so I like to include a tour of the gardens in my walk when I am in that part of Ham.

I still go anti-clockwise almost every time as that leaves the best parts, in my opinion, to last. That includes this view of the north-east facing side wall as it peers over the tall hedge that hides the mysteries of that part of the garden.

12 April 2015

Cat in Craig Road

I first photographed this cat in Craig Road from some distance in 2008 because I wanted to show it in its setting. It has not moved since then and I decided that it warranted a second appearance here, this time with the benefit of a decent zoom camera.

6 April 2015

Spring flowers in Ashburnham Road

The landscaping is one of the nice things about the Wates Estate and I have published many photographs of trees, squares and plants over the years. And here are some more.

I do not normally walk along this stretch of Ashburnham Road as, like almost everybody else, I usually take the short-cut past St. Richard's Church as I head from the shops towards Broughton Avenue. It was the slash of colour in the corner that made me take the longer route.

This use of flowers is not typical of the Wates Estate, where the emphasis is more on shape than colour, so I suspect that this is some guerrilla gardening from the residents. If so then they should be very pleased with what they have achieved.

3 April 2015

Out of character repair to the towpath

I simply do not understand how things like this happen.

When the upper path was created along the river Richmond and Kingston Councils decided to use a light gravelly finish to suit the natural setting. Now a small section of the path has been repaired by Kingston Council (just north of Royal Park Gate) with ugly black tarmac.

The tarmac is completely inappropriate for the location and there is a stark contrast to the existing path that makes the repair stand out even more. It is a mess and one that should not have been allowed to happen. 

29 March 2015

New Mandarin makes way for fish and chips

It is now clear why New Mandarin had let its sign fall into some disrepair recently, it has now closed and is about to be replaced by a chippie.

I stopped using the New Mandarin regularly a few years ago when they inexplicable dropped their vegetarian curry from their take-away menu leaving me with just the spicy tofu as a sensible option but it (and the people who worked there) were a fixture on Ham Parade and it was nice to have a choice of decent restaurants locally.

A chippie will be quite different as there will be more of a focus on the take-away trade and it will tend to be busy earlier in the evening than the restaurant was. It is hard to see that as an improvement but I am prepared to give it a chance to prove me wrong.

28 March 2015

LY51 CLN up on the pavement

I appreciate that if you are driving a Chelsea Tractor then you may not notice little things like pavements but you should be able to tell that your car is not in-line with the others parked there and so not left yours obstructing the pavement outside of Rowleys when it is busy with Saturday shoppers.

22 March 2015

Where have all the trees gone?

The desecration of Ham Common Woods is still very painful for me but there is a limit to what can be said about the work that has been done and so I'll end my coverage of the clearance with this photograph which shows just how bare some of the areas worked on now are.

The local newspaper has said a lot about what has been done across Richmond, particularly in Sheen Common, and I hope that the Council will listen and will amend, if not stop, their five year plans for their woods.

If the works continue and we see more clearances next year, and the three years after that, then I will be there to record it.

21 March 2015

Ham Glebe has gone

Ham Glebe was on an edge of the Ham Common Conservation Area but it was deemed insufficiently special to warrant protection and was allowed to be demolished. I have no views on the subject as the house was set well back from Church Road and was well screened by trees on all sides.