19 March 2019

Grey Heron

It is not that unusual to see a Heron around Teddington Lock though it was very nice to see one right in the heart of the lock with matching grey steps behind it.

18 March 2019

Fixing something in Cave Road

It does not seem that long since the fire escape was added to the end of this block of flats in Cave Road and now the substantial scaffolding suggests that something major needs fixing in that area.

17 March 2019

Behind Beaufort Court

There are two sides to Beaufort Court, the front sides have lovely curved balconies and it is these that normally appear in photographs but I like the back sides too, especially when the crisp early Spring sun is upon them.

These windows face south-west towards the river and across Ham Lands and it seems a shame that the balconies are on the other side. 

16 March 2019

Scaffolding in Dukes Avenue

Any scaffolding that I spot in Ham is likely to make it into this blog and it is even more likely if it is on a large scale, like it is with this house in Dukes Avenue.

15 March 2019

A view of Ham House

I have photographed Ham House many times from many positions but I think this is the first one taken from the south-east corner of the plats.

The back of the house looks as wonderful as it always does and the foreground gives a hint of changes to come.

14 March 2019

Sandpits Road

I like this sign for Sandpits Road just because it is in two parts, almost as if the word "Road" was added as an afterthought.

The wall is interesting too having been raised with layers of bricks quite different from the original ones.

13 March 2019

Changes at Cecil House

I have been in the grounds of Cecil House a few times as it often participates in Petersham Open House and so I know that behind this wall there is a path through the trees that any child (or any age) would love to explore.

The sudden disappearance of a large section of the wall suggests that the new owners have other plans for this section of their large garden.

12 March 2019

183 Petersham Road

I am always on the lookout for new fences and their freshness usually makes them easy to spot. I noticed this one when going along Petersham Road on the bus and made a point of revisiting it on foot soon after.

The big sign says this is 183 Petersham Road but the little addition stuck on later explains that it is also 183A.