5 October 2022

New wall in Evelyn Road

Evelyn Road, off Ham Street, is a short road that goes nowhere so I rarely walk down it. Luckily this new wall and gate is at the Ham Street end of the road and so can be seen, and appreciated, when walking past.

4 October 2022

Wildlife corridor destroyed

The destruction of the wildlife corridor through Royal Park Gate is all but complete with no response from Kingston Council (who own the land) and with much anger amongst residents and passers by.

3 October 2022

Saxby House

The trend of having simple and easy to read house signs is one I heartily approve of and Saxby House at 50 Ham Street is a fine example.

2 October 2022

Park Lane Stables RDA

Park Lane Stables RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) used to be based in Teddington (I often walked past them on my lunchtime walks) until they were unceremoniously thrown out by their then landlord. The story has a happy ending and the Stables have managed to secure the ownership of their site and are currently in the process of renovating it.

While this work is being done they have decamped to Manor Farm Stables by Ham Polo, as directed by this smart sign.

1 October 2022

Maranda Court courtyard

A couple of months ago I welcomed the repainting of the once shabby Maranda Court in New Road and now it is the turn of its courtyard to get some praise. This is something of a nothing space that has been brilliantly transformed through the addition of several pots and a few hanging baskets.

30 September 2022

Back under cover

It is not that long ago, about a year, that the remodelling of the former vicarage on Church Road was completed and now it is again shrouded in scaffolding and plastic sheeting so I presume that some significant repairs are underway.

28 September 2022


This small patch of crocus appeared quickly and delightfully making one of my regular routes through Ham Lands even better than usual.