16 January 2017

Unusual door

I like this door because of its Art Deco feel and because it dares to be different by avoiding the horizontal and vertical lines that decorate almost every other door.

15 January 2017

Richmond Chase on a misty morning

Phase 1 of Richmond Chase is taking shape rapidly and we can now start to understand what the site will look like.

The blocks of flats have gone up first and they are creating a tunnel-like view of Latchmere House made all the more eerie by the mist and the pink tinge to the shielding around the constructions.

14 January 2017

Walking past Ham House

The road that runs from Ham Street to Ham House often looks pretty but not usually as pretty as this. I caught it late in the day when the sun was doing delightful things and, more importantly and more rarely, there were no other people there.

12 January 2017

Hole in the wall

I only caught the aftermath of this incident but it was clearly pretty major with a big hole in the wall in front of Tollemache Almshouses and a car door left abandoned in the garden. The incident was at the junction of Ham Street and Ashburnham Drive and while I have seen plenty of silly and reckless driving there, I have never seen anything that has come close to producing this sort of outcome.

10 January 2017

Caravan in Mead Road

I love this caravan because of its classic design and colouring. It brightens up this section of Mead Road nicely.

8 January 2017

A small extension

I like to record changes as they are made to the area and all building works are of interest to me. Here a small extension is being added to the side of a house.

I took this on a day when I was exploring footpaths and that took me all over the place, which is my excuse for forgetting where it is! With any luck I'll pass this spot again before too long and will catch the finished work and, this time, will take a mental note of where I am.

6 January 2017

Melancholy Walk in Autumn

As the mid-Winter cold bites it is nice to remember that just a few weeks ago Autumn was bright and it was lovely to walk along Ham Avenues. This is Melancholy Walk just as it starts its journey from Sandy Lane to Ham House. The avenue of trees is meant to guide the eye towards the house but even in Autumn the leaves all but obscure the target.

4 January 2017

Kiko Gifts & Stationery on Ham Parade

What was Sky NEWS is now Kiko Gifts & Stationery selling a wide range of things, some of which it sold when it was a newsagent.

I quite like the look but am a little sad that the rebranding of the shop has come with a change of colour as I praised Sky NEWS' decision to turn green in 2013.