21 October 2016

Cave Road flats almost completed

This is the face that the new flats in Cave Road present to Riverside Drive and is the view that many people will see as they come along the path from Teddington Lock. It is not a particularly exciting view but it not that bad either. On the whole I approve.

The flats are designed to face almost due south, which is towards the right, and I'll take a shot from that angle once the work there has finished.

19 October 2016

Gascoigne-Pees has closed

Only a few months after another estate agent moved into Ham Parade, making it four altogether, Gascoigne-Peas has called it a day. It's a start. Whatever replaces it will be better.

17 October 2016

A sign for Strathmore School

With the rebuilding works going on at its former site (next to the Russell School), Strathmore School has a new location, ground sharing with Grey Court School in Ham Street. It has announced this with a rather jolly sign that I heartily approve of.

15 October 2016

New extension in Ham Street

I plan many of my walks through Ham to monitor progress on the various building walks and the Huf Haus has taken me down Ham Street many times, and now I also go there to watch this extension being built. It is on the corner of Lock Road and looks to be an extension of The Old Malt House, though it could also be a separate dwelling.

The first sign was when the garage doors, under the white lintel, were filled with breeze blocks which were then given a brick covering. The work continued with the brick wall which was being extended when I took this picture with space being left at the right for a door.

13 October 2016

A history in brick

This house next to the church in Church Road reveals some of its history in its exterior brickwork. The inverted "V" leading down from the front-side window is the most obvious sign and a closer look shows that there used to be a door in that wall, the arch above it remains and the brick used to fill the gap is slightly redder than the rest.

11 October 2016

Concrete strips in King George's Field

This is a quarter of King George's Field that I do not normally go to and I suspect that not many other people go there either. This is the along the north edge just beyond the tennis courts and it is looking south with the allotments on the left and the Rifle and Pistol Club on the right. Between the two is a narrow path leading to Riverside Drive, which is how I got there.

The field is interesting enough, and another reminder of just how much green space there is in Ham, but the reason that I took this picture was because of the three concrete strips. I presume that these ate former cricket nets but am happy to be proved wrong if anybody knows anything better.

9 October 2016

Work has started at Richmond Chase

The redevelopment of the former Latchmere Prison site has started under the friendlier name of Richmond Chase, though it remains to be seen whether it will live up to that name. I am not optimistic.

The boards went up a while ago and now there are railings too. These cordon off most of the green that lies between Latchmere Close and Latchmere House, which can be seen at the left of the picture.

Moving along Latchmere Close a little towards Tudor Drive shows more of the scaffolding that starts to indicate what the footprint of the development will be.

The Richmond Chase story is going to run for a couple of years so my walking pattern is going to change so that I can watch it unfold and record the significant moments.

7 October 2016

Extended roof in Ham Farm Road

Back in August I caught this extension while it was being constructed and now the work is finished. The fresh colour reveals that it is a new extension but a little bit of weather will soon change that and it will fit in with the other half of the roof even better than it already does.