20 February 2017

Handsome knocker

This door knocker may be small but it gets noticed because it is so attractive; somebody else remarked how pretty it was as I paused to take this photograph.

Little things like this can do so much to brighten the area up and they take relatively little effort, the hardest part is finding the appropriate object. I am shamed into thinking how little contribution to the decoration of the area I make, despite some grandiose plans.

18 February 2017

Traffic lights in Petersham Road

I am no longer surprised at the excuses they find to close Petersham Road and to create traffic chaos in the area. This time it is electricity.

17 February 2017

Outside seating at Petersham Nurseries

I preferred Petersham Nurseries when it sold plants rather than teas but it has retained enough interesting things to pull me back there from time to time.

I was lucky on a recent visit that it was a damp and miserable day which kept a lot of the tea drinkers away and those that did come sought shelter in one of the greenhouses. That left the outside seats empty and so I was able to take this picture of the quirky table and chairs with no people spoiling the view.

15 February 2017

Checking up on Cedar Heights

There seems to be a lot of building going on at the moment and I am struggling a little to do enough walking to keep up with it all. The new house going up in Cedar Heights is the furthest from where I live and so I have to make a special effort to get there regularly to check on progress.

I am still far from convinced that the house will be a good addition to the road and the arrival of the glass to fill the front windows does little to convince me otherwise. It just looks boring at the moment.

13 February 2017

Beware of Dog

The wall on the corner of Upper Ham Road and Sudbrook Gardens hides a sunken house and also sports this attractive, if unfriendly, sign. It is not a big sign and it is some distance from the entrance so I doubt if it has much impact but I like the colour and the typeface.

However, I also think that "Beware of the dog" is a better phrased message and the addition of the word "the"would have improved the spacing of the bottom line.

11 February 2017

Creeping towards the Petersham Road

There is a neat line of cottages along Petersham Road and then a more modern house much closer to the road. The end cottage is breaking ranks with its neighbours to the left by taking advantage of its neighbour to the right to grow a front extension.

I like the row of cottages so am slightly suspicious of the extension but I am prepared to suspend judgement until the building works are complete.

9 February 2017

Reeds on Ham Pond

I would prefer there to be more vegetation around Ham Pond to provide more shelter and cover for the wildlife but from the right angle the pond can put up an impressive front.

7 February 2017

Unusual tiles in Sandy Lane

These unusual parallelogram shaped tiles decorate the front of a house on the north side of Sandy Lane. The delicate blue weathering suggests that they are made of an unusual material too.