19 September 2017

Fox House refreshed

Fox Cottage looks much like it always did but a close look reveals that a lot of work has been done to the front of the house. The windows have been repaired, the cracks in the wall have been filled and both have been repainted.

18 September 2017

Overgrown garden in Burnell Avenue

This house in Burnell Avenue had been empty for quite a while and the garden has taken advantage of that. The house has now been sold and I hope that the new owner takes a sympathetic approach to reclaiming the front garden and leaves many of the plants in place and just trims them enough to make the house accessible.

17 September 2017

Early Autumn

One of the (many) pleasures in walking around Ham is seeing how Autumn changes leaves red in different places at different times. This year Langham House was the first to take the plunge.

16 September 2017

Progress in Bainbridge Close

So far the new house in Bainbridge Close looks promising, so much more so that Latchmere Lodge next door.

13 September 2017

St. Andrews House

St. Andrews House is an unusual building on Upper Ham Road, It is unusual in design and function, being an office. It has just been refurbished and repainted. It looks The sign on the left reveals why; it is now looking for new tenants. 

12 September 2017

New entrance to Malden Oaks

I was working to work down Dukes Avenue when I saw work starting on building a new entrance to Malden Oaks, the site which used to be Dysart School. At first the width of it had me worried that they were building a second drive and in an awkward location.

Later that day (after work) I was pleased to see that it was only going to be a footpath with the timbers in position to hold the surface in place.

A day or so later it was (almost) done. The path was finished and there was a new fence in place. There was only the new grass to do and that is now there. I would photograph that too but grass is boring.

11 September 2017

Monitoring South Corner

I keep a regular eye on progress at South Corner despite being often thwarted by closed gates and parked vehicles on the drive. Sometimes the view is clear and there is usually something new to see. This time it was the emergence of a garage to the side of the house.

10 September 2017

Mother and child

This delightful couple live in the corner of a garden in Burnell Avenue. They are hard to find but it is worth the effort.