14 October 2019

Garages gone

The last time I visited this site off Clifford Road, a couple of months ago, the garages were shells but were still standing. Now that they have gone it is more obvious just how big the site is.

13 October 2019

A good extension

I spend more time that I would like here complaining about too obvious, ugly and inappropriate extensions so I am pleased to be able to praise this one that is nearing completion in Clifford Road.

The new bricks are a good match with the old, the new roofs look like the old one and the scale of the additions is entirely in keeping with the original house. This is how extensions should be done.

11 October 2019


Seagulls are one of the many things that I know little about so I have no idea why they suddenly found the field between Burnell Avenue and the river so interesting. My guess would include rain and worms but that is only a guess.

7 October 2019

New garage

I took a picture of this house on the corner of Sandy Lane and Clifford Road a couple of years ago when it changed from ping to grey and now it is gaining a new garage on the Clifford Road side to replace one that was there before.

6 October 2019

Cleared site in Sandy Lane

54 Sandy Lane is one of the projects that I am watching and on this walk-by I was delighted to find the gates open. A van was parked in the main entrance so took this photo from the smaller one, that is the door on the left.

For only the second time in twelve years I had my motives questioned and one of the workers claimed that I needed permission to photograph the site. He was talking nonsense and I ignored him. And I'll be back. 

5 October 2019

New wall and gates at Sandy Lodge

I posted a picture of this wall mid construction in June and now that it is finished it has become a worthy and appropriate addition to the house behind it.

The wooden fencing between the brick pillars is unusual, and it works.

4 October 2019

Window boxes

This property on Sandy Lane, close to the junction with Ham Street, has no front garden but it makes up for that by having a stunning collection of window boxes.

3 October 2019

Adding a second level

This is one of the two buildings being inserted between Dukes Avenue and Maguire Drive and with work now being done on the second storey the buildings can now be seen above the screened gates.

It is far to early to make any firm judgements on their appearance but the little bit of brickwork that can be seen suggests that they will fit in well with their neighbours.