4 March 2021

Freddie Mercury is safe

Seals make an appearance from time to time and they always create much interest in the local community. The staff at Teddington Lock (closed because of covid-19) are helpfully keeping visitors informed.

2 March 2021

Taking a different path

I have been checking on some of the small paths that run behind and between the houses in the areas of social housing and these two connect Sheridan Road to Murray Road and Mowbray Road to Lovell Road.

They are both in good condition and easy to pass along, i.e. no obstructions.


They both also turn at right angles once they have got between the houses so that you have to take a leap of faith that they then continue to the next road.

This is not a formality as two of the paths leading from Mowbray Road lead to dead-ends.

1 March 2021

51 Lauderdale Road

I love clear house number signs and the sign at 51 Lauderdale Road is certainly that. The arrow is nice additional touch and make s simple sign something worth noticing.

28 February 2021


Teepees have been constructed in various places in Ham Common Woods and this one is adjacent to Church Road. I took a photo of it as I have seen online discussions suggesting that Richmond Council do not like them, for Health and Safety reasons, and have been removing them. If true, this is a reminder that this teepee was there once.

27 February 2021

Sheridan Road dogs on patrol

Beware of the Dogs signs are not uncommon but it is unusual to see one as specific as this one. I have no idea what a Sheridan Road dog looks like and any patrolling that they were doing at the time was not in the front garden.

26 February 2021

Wrong window

I have been watching this house in Sandy Lane, opposite the junction with Arlington Road, for quite a time and when I last posted a picture of it, in December 2020, I was waiting for the windows to be added. And here they are.

The scaffolding has gone too allowing a first proper look at the new house.

Most of it is fine, if unremarkable, but the large picture window is just wrong, something I did not think could happen with a double-height window.

25 February 2021

Blackout lifted

Like it or loath it there is no denying that Forbes House is one of the most prominent buildings on Ham Common. In 2014 the then owners his the house behind ugly black panels which I do not think anyone liked the look of. 

The new owners (presumably, it was on the market) have different views and have removed the panels making the impressive facade of the house visible again.