3 June 2023

Silly signs

There are several of these signs around Ham Pond which I find silly for several reasons.

They are very small. Being this small they have almost no impact and are easily missed.

They are in the wrong place. You have to be right by the pond to read that you should have your dog on a lead by which time it is too late.

They are confusing. They start with "Please" which implies that this is a request and end with the possibility of a fine implying this is an instruction. It cannot be both. It also says "ponds" when, clearly, there is only one pond.

There should be a dog-free zone for some distance around the pond with clear signage. Anything less than that is pointless.

2 June 2023

Behind Cedarwood

Cedarwood, on the corner of Church Road and The Shires, has now been surrounded by tall hoardings so I was pleased to catch this view of the back of the house before they all went up.

I like the little bay extending from the ground floor but I believe this is being replaced by an extension, though we probably will not be able to see it once the permanent fence is installed.

1 June 2023

Extension in The Shires

The Shires is an annoying no-through-road (most of Ham is very permeable on foot and the few exceptions are a pain for anyone wishing to explore and enjoy the area) and I only go in there a few times a year just to see if anything interesting is happening. This time I was drawn in by the very interesting changes at Cedarwood at the entrance to the road.

Once there I went further in to check out this impressive clutter, I love clutter! The cause is the single storey extension behind.

Also impressive is the brick matching. Less impressive is the match in style but I will reserve final judgement on that until the work is finished. At least the front porch as a flat roof too.

31 May 2023

Fox House refreshed

It is clearly the season for external painting and Fox House on Upper Ham Road, facing Ham Common, is joining in.

30 May 2023

No windows

What was Ham Institute (briefly) and before that Royal Oak, on the corner of Sandy Lane and Ham Street, is being taken from us as a social place and is becoming a private house. It is being enlarged in the process and has gained a box extension at the back, taking most of the pub's patio garden. 

What I find surprising is that there are no windows one the two visible sides and so it is possible that the final result will be quite austere.

29 May 2023

South Lodge signs

1A and 3A South Lodge are round that back and are accessed via Bishops Close. They are earier to find now thanks to this clear and prominent sign.


For comparison, 4A (on the side of the lodge) has an older sign. This is equally attractive though slightly less clear thanks to age and the size of the house number.

28 May 2023

Cedarwood exposed

Cedarwood is one of the best houses in the area, certainly in the top six, but until now the only view of it has been through the large front gates. Now it is going though extensive changes and the best of these is the removal of a high leylandii hedge along The Shires which has exposed that side of the house for the first time.

The bay window was a handsome reward for the long wait.

27 May 2023

Uncomfortable bench

I sat on this bench to prove that it is as uncomfortable as it looks.

The condition of the back rest suggests that it needed repairing but the new pieces of wood on the seat are too narrow and, as a result, the gaps between them are too wide. The corners are also new and square, adding to the discomfort.


This neighbouring bench is still in its original form and the planks that make up the seat are wider and have rounded corners. It is a shame that the existing successful design was not copied when the other bench was repaired.

26 May 2023

Raised bed

It is always nice to be forced to stop walking for a moment to appreciate a garden, as I did with this one on the corner of Dukes Avenue and Lawrence Road. That fortuitous positioning means that you see this raised bed side-on as you walk down Dukes Avenue.