26 September 2021

Physio Extra becomes Shockwave Clinics

I do not know if the change from Physio Extra to Shockwave Clinics is a change of ownership or a change or branding, and I do not really care which it is, the important thing for me is the impact on the physical environment.

The look of the site is OK at the moment though I wait to see if the windows will be covered in signs again.

Of more concern is the way that the site is being prepared for "Customer Parking". This is a busy stretch of pavement and having cars cross it is not a great idea.

25 September 2021

Ham sign in Gate House Garden

The welcome refuge of Ham Gate Garden has gained a sign proclaiming that this is Ham. It was put there by Ham Amenities Group (HAG) and was a couple of years in the planning.


The signs does a pretty good job of encapsulating some of the key elements that define Ham without being overly fussy.

24 September 2021

Curved path

Most of the front paths in Wates Estate lead straight to the front door, like the one on the right does her, so this curved path in Broughton Avenue is an exception, it may even be unique.

I have mixed feelings about this. I would generally prefer consistency but this path does have the advantage of being pretty. On balance though, I think consistency should have won here because the house is in the middle of a terrace.

23 September 2021

More trees in Broughton Avenue

The large grassy area on the junction of Dukes Avenue and Broughton Avenue has gained some very welcome trees. Comparing this view with one from a year ago, the tree on the far right was there before and the two on the left (and there is one off further to the left) are new.

There are many grass plots like this across Ham, though not many as large as this one, and I can only hope that more of them will become home to new trees in time.

22 September 2021

Preparing the front garden

I like the clutter that works in progress bring and I also like the expectation for what the finished results will be. I face new front gardens with trepidation as there is always the possibility that it is given over to completely to cars so I will be keeping an eye on this one in Petersham Road with fingers crossed.

21 September 2021

Signs removed

For many years these windows to Physio Extra in Upper Ham Road were covered in advertising signs which looked out of keeping with the area so it is good news that they have gone.

My worry is that they will be replaced with new boards, just as the board by the entrance has replaced the plain green one that was there previously. My optimism come from the new planters on the other side of the entrance which may herald a more community-minded approach.

20 September 2021

Tiled entrance

This tiled entrance to a cottage in Petersham Road is well worth looking out for, even at the risk of the badly driven cars just inches away. Petersham Road deserves to be appreciated but the narrowness and unevenness of the pavement makes that a challenge.