28 May 2017

A house waits its fate

Many of the houses in Sudbrook Gardens have been substantial updated, and extended, in recent years and this is one of the exceptions. It looks quite sad, almost as if it knows that somebody will see this as an opportunity site and the existing house just an obstacle to be got rid of.

Whatever the fate of the house I hope that the quirky blue gates remain.

26 May 2017

Another lost garden in Petersham

I have nothing against the extension to this house on Clifford Road where it meets Meadlands Drive but I do not like the way that the garden has been replaced with a uniform impervious brick. A patter in two colours would have been better and leaving some space for planting would have been better still.

24 May 2017

Glasshouses at The Palm Centre

At the far end of the newly opened section of The Palm Centre in Ham Street are the remains of an old glasshouse. It is somewhat dilapidated now but still exudes industrial charm. Not shown here are the gaps under the floor that I presumed were used to heat the building.

In contrast, this is one of the modern glasshouses in the main part of The Palm Centre, which I find equally charming.

22 May 2017

The new Russell School takes shape

The new Russell School buildings have been quite some time in coming and they are finally taking shape.

I last took a picture of the construction just over a year ago and then all that existed was a metal shell.  That gave some idea of the scale of the new building and the addition of the walls and roof means that we now know what it will look like, at least when viewed from among the brambles along the lane leading to Ham Polo.

20 May 2017

Weathervane at Ham Manor

I have simply no idea how this weathervane escaped my notice until now. I can only assume that either somebody has sneakily installed it recently or I had seen it before and assumed that it had already be included in the blog.

It resides on one of the buildings at Ham Manor in Ham Street, but not the main one.

18 May 2017

A grand wall for a modest house

It is hard to describe this wall without using the word pretentious. Most of the properties along this stretch of Petersham Road have low brisk walls, often with an undulating top. Only this house has gone for the Full Monty with large brick pillars, stone finials and gold-topped railings. The overall effect is completely out of keeping with the house and the rest of the street.

Regular readers (there are some!) may remember that this house also featured here a few months ago for having a very boring front garden.

16 May 2017

Wisteria in Wiggins Lane

Wisteria is one of the defining features of Ham and many houses use it to add Spring colour. One of the very best examples, and always worth several visits, is in Wiggins Lane off Ham Street.

14 May 2017

Something ugly in Cedar Heights

I have been worried about this new house in Cedar Heights for some time because of the simplicity of the design - it still looks as thought it were drawn by a child. I reserved final judgement until it was finished in case some decorative features rescued it from its unbearable blandness but, if anything, the plain white finish has made it even worse.

It is a real shame as one of the areas more interesting and attractive modern buildings is directly opposite it.

All I can hope is that they build a large wall in front of it. Or paint flowers all over it.