26 January 2021

The Cottage awaits its fate

I had not noticed The Cottage in Sudbrook Lane before, either it was hidden behind a hedge or it was too dull to attract attention, but now it is impossible to mis as it stands there naked in a naked garden.

The Cottage is clearly ready for redevelopment and is of limited architectural interest but it is also within the Petersham Conservation Area so the options for change are limited. I suspect that this site is going to keep me interested for the rest of 2021, if not longer.

25 January 2021

AO53 HMA parks fully on the pavement

Usually when I complain about a car parked on the pavement they only have two wheels on but AO53 HMA has chosen to park all of the car on the pavement and in a very awkward spot.

Gort Cottage

Gort Cottage in Petersham Road is the little brother to Gort House next door. The proliferation of pointed roofs, protruding windows and half-timbered facade give it something of a haunted house look while the neat new fence tries to give it an air of normality. 

24 January 2021

Planting behind Manor House

Almost the only view of the extensive grounds behind Manor House in Ham Street is from Cut Throat Alley and I always use the opportunity to peer in when walking that way. I took a photo of the grounds quite a while ago and I had seen nothing of note there since then, until now.

The north-west corner, nearest Ham Street, is being filled with holly bushes which, in turn, are being hidden behind more decorative rhododendrons. 

I heartily approve of more planting in the grounds but am a little confused as to why it is being done as I have never seen anyone out in the grounds who could benefit from the prettier view. I suspect, and it is just my theory, that the area is being planted precisely because it is one of the few places that you can see in.

23 January 2021

RIJ 38 gets a ticket

Bishops Close is a quiet dead-end off Ham Common but that is no excuse for parking on the pavement, as RIJ 38 has found to its cost.

Pink flamingo

The last time that I saw some graffiti by the entrance to Petersham Nurseries, in 2011, it was one of several identical images created for a campaign (I think I saw one of those recently but cannot remember where) but I have no idea what the context of this one is.

22 January 2021

2 Sandpits Road

I have featured a few house numbers here and when they are as pretty as this one I hope that it is obvious why.