15 May 2021

New gates

xxxxThis house in Riverside Drive has some new distinctive gates. There is a large double gate presumably for vehicles (though there is no crossover there) and a smaller matching gate for pedestrians. Together these three gates make up the whole of the front boundary and do so rather neatly.

They are somewhat different from what anyone else has got but I think their size and style fits well enough with the miss-match of walls and fences along that stretch of road, the time has long gone when all the front gardens looked the same.

14 May 2021

Ham Food Centre gets a sign

There is still the little matter of the planning application/s to resolve but work continues at Ham Food Centre on Ham Parade. The latest arrival is the shop sign and peering through the windows shows that good progress has also been made on installing the shelving.

13 May 2021

Rope nest

I was very tempted to take a picture of the industrial boat moored on Teddington Lock Island anyway and then I noticed the geese and what they were intelligently using for a next.

12 May 2021

Tame heron

It was a bright sunny day and this heron was making the most of it, seemingly oblivious to the many people walking along the towpath and ignoring the ones like us who paused a while to take a close and appreciative look at it.

11 May 2021

Marlowe maintenance

There is always some work being done on (at least) one of the blocks in Parkleys, which is usually signalled by a lot of scaffolding. Now Marlowe Court is getting some treatment and the obvious sign is the removal of the cladding above the entrance.

10 May 2021

Roof repairs

The iconic roof of St Richards has been patched up over the years and while that is perfectly reasonable and understandable it does mean that it shows some of the scars and is losing some of its original colour.

9 May 2021

More trees please

I am continually concerned about the way that we seem to be losing more trees than we gain so I like it when residents take matters in to their own hands and plant some in public spaces. These are on the ribbon of grass on Petersham Road by the golf course which could certainly do with more trees.