6 August 2020

Unexpected trees

This blog welcomes the planting of new trees, and cries a little when old ones come down, and I was delighted to see these arrive at the southern end of Broughton Avenue.

The label explains that these are from a pack to 10 Betula pendula (silver birch) which is a pretty tree and should be a nice addition to the area. The size of the trees and the nature of their planting suggests that this might have been some guerrilla gardening, in which case I hope that Richmond Council supports it and keeps the heavy mowers well away.

4 August 2020


It is easy to miss this arch as it is in a path that is not very busy and is sufficiently narrow and uneven that you have to pay attention merely to get along it without walking into the sides. 

That path runs from River Lane to Petersham Nurseries and the arch is in the back wall of the small building at the Nurseries end of the path.

2 August 2020

Latchmere House from Latchmere Lane

One of the few things I have been looking forward to with the development of Richmond Chase has been this uninterrupted view of Latchmere House from Latchmere Lane. 

Things were rather different when this was a prison and then the house was partially hidden behind a wall. In time, it may be hidden again if that hedge is allowed to grow.

1 August 2020

Resurfacing Ferrymoor

Ferrymoor is hardly a busy road and I do not recall it being in a bad condition, not that I would have particularly noticed when crossing it on foot, but it has been resurfaced anyway.

30 July 2020

Maintenance at Gray Court

As a fan of scaffolding Parkleys always has something to offer me because there is always work going on somewhere there.  This is Gray Court which sits in the corner of Parkleys road as it turns sharply towards Barnfield Avenue.

28 July 2020

A new way into Richmond Chase

There is little going for Richmond Chase as far as I can see so it is good news that there will be a new route through it and even better news that this is a footpath a not a road.

This is the northern or the two connections to Latchmere Lane with the oppressive Richmond Chase ruining the view on the right.

The middle section of the short path is  looking good manly thanks to the mature trees.

Then it stops and I had to turn around and go back again. Hopefully it will be open soon.

It also needs more trees to screen the buildings.

26 July 2020

A large extension in Upper Ham Road

I have been watching this large extension in Upper Ham Road for some time but those grey gates have been very good at keeping my prying eyes out. Indeed, the last time that I got a peek into this site was a year ago when all I could see was a pallet of bricks.

A year on and you get a hint of the scale of the extension and what looks large from this angle looks even larger if you look at the drawings submitted with the planning application which show that the original house is being doubled in size.

25 July 2020

Work underway at Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts

Work has started on the new hut for Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts on their site nestled between German School and Petersham Lodge Woods. This view from Douglas Footpath shows the extent of the works and the absence of the old hut.

The view from the end of the access road reveals little more other than some impressive machinery which justifies the photograph.