4 August 2021

Unwieldy extension

This wrap-around extension in Riverside is approaching completion and the scale and appearance can now be judged. I am not convinced.

I think that the brick colour is not close enough to be a match nor different enough to be a contrast, the extra bulk makes the house look unwieldy and the front extension breaks the line of the neighbouring houses.

That said, it is clearly providing a lot more internal space and making good use of the side of the plot. And the neighbours that I spoke to had no complaints.

3 August 2021

Horses grazing in field

I posted a picture of this fence when it was new, twelve years ago, but I have only just noticed the sign. It is rather neat and serves a good purpose so it is a shame that the advice is partially obscured by both the fence and some brambles.

2 August 2021

Ground floor of 8 Sandy Lane

Normally when I look at the ground floor of a new building being built it looks much smaller that I know that it is going to be as, somehow, the lack of furniture makes it difficult to judge the scale. However, this is not the case with 8 Sandy Lane which is clearly going to be enormous.

1 August 2021

The Tsarina's Daughter by Ellen Alpsten

I went to the corner of Sandy Lane and Clifford road to look at the current state of play of the two construction projects and I could not help but notice the large poster for The Tsarina's Daughter by Ellen Alpsten.

I have nothing to say on the book or on any relationship between the house and Ellen Alpsten but I can happily say that it is an attractive advertisement.

31 July 2021

New steps on Majestic Walk

I complained nine years ago when some small steps were created on this ridge along what has come to be called Majestic Walk, the path that runs across the front of Ham House and ends in the middle of the bend in the river, more or less opposite Radnor Gardens. My arguments then were that the path is pointless and the steps are a built thing in a natural environment.

Those arguments apply even more so to the substantially larger new steps. I really do not like them.

30 July 2021

View under threat

The proposal to surround all of the Ham Polo site with a 2m high metal fence may have gone away, at least for now, but another proposed fence puts this view from the path alongside Ham House under threat. The plan is to significantly extend the existing sand area (just to the left of this picture) used for practicing and to surround that with a 1.8m high solid fence to stop balls escaping. 

29 July 2021

Fallen trees

Falling trees is a regular event along the towpath from Teddington Lock to Ham House, which is understandable given how wet the ground often is. However, Richmond Council has again done a good job in clearing the path quickly.